Killing of Eke Nworie python: Alvan Mgt told to consult Owerri Chief Priest for cleansing


By Favour Goodness

The killing of a giant python, called “Eke Nworie” by some students of Alvan Ikoku College of Education, AICE, Owerri, last week, has begun to generate fresh controversy.

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Some Owerri Indigenes have advised the management of the citadel of learning to consult without further delay, the Spiritual Leader of Owerre (Chief Priest) for cleansing over the killing of the python said to be a diety.

They described the killing of the python by some AIFCE students as sacrilegious within the norms and tradition of Owerre.

According to reports, the python was killed inside the premises of the institution after allegedly swallowing two goats.

An Owerri Indigene, Mr. Felix Udemba, said it is a sacrilege to kill the Eke Nworie Python , which he said is a deity, because it portends serious dangers and calamity ahead.

He recalled that a similar Eke Ala Owerre Python, which was the forebearer of the present one, was killed by some white contractors who were constructing Wethedral/Christ Church road, Owerri between 1979- 1980 during the Sam Mbakwe administration.

He said “The contractors killed the Eke Ala Owerri when they were constructing Wethedral/Christ Chruch road and after that, most of their workers began to die mysteriously. Their equipments began to break down. They were losing both manpower and equipments.

“When the contractors were notified of the dangers of killing Eke Ala Owerre, they were told to consult the then Chief Priest of Owerre (Onye Ishi Ala), the Late Eke Igwe Nwoduo Ejiogu, for cleansing, which they complied with.

“After the cleansing, the contractors went back to site and the wethedral/Christ Church road project went on smoothly.

He advised the management of Alvan Ikoku Federal College Of Education, AICE, to consult the present Chief Priest (Onye Ishi Ala Owerre), Nwakom Ejiogu, to carry out similar cleansing, in order to avoid strange occurrences and incidents in the institution.
“The Chief Priest is the only one saddled with the task of doing the Cleansing, no one else. This is a fact” he stated



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