Exposed: How a Former Education Commissioner in Gombe/House of Rep Candidate Illegally Awarded Billions of Naira Contract to Her Firm in Tandem with Daughter and Brother


In few months, the most populous country in Africa and the most populous black nation in the world will head to the polls for another round of general elections where a new set of leaders will be handed over the leadership of the country to pilot for the next four [4] years. The upcoming election comes as one of the most sensitive elections in the history of Nigeria, and by extension, Africa at large, due to the high stakes at play economically, socially, security wise, and stability wise across the African continent.

Already, Nigeria sits on a keg of gun powder; bedeviled by historic levels of corrupt practices within the government and among elected officials. President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration had pledged to battle the scrooge of corruption when he took over leadership in 2015; but his effort appears to have exacerbated the problem. Meanwhile as the menace of corruption continues to fester seven [7] years after, the list of politicians auguring for elective positions appears to raise worse fears for the helpless and innocent citizenry unaware of the corrupt backgrounds of the would-be political leaders, as they campaign for their votes.

According to a comprehensive investigation conducted by a group of concerned citizens and made available to, highly corrupt politicians are presently lined up for the 2023 electoral contest. One of the politicians highlighted in this report is Hajiya Aishatu Mohammed Bose Ahmed who was a one-time Gombe State Commissioner for Education from 2007 to 2018.

INEC listing of her name:

In summative terms, Hajiya Aishatu Mohammed Bose Ahmed subverted the illegal system of the country to enrich herself, her children and her other immediate family. She acted in total disregards to the constituted laws that regulate government organization that employed her. She illegally awarded contracts to companies that belonged to her and her infant daughter. The sum amounts of the contracts tally to over ten billion naira, N10billion.

Specifically, prior to her appointment as the Gombe state Commissioner for Education, spanning the period 2007 to 2018, Hajiya Ahmed served as a public servant with National Teachers Institute [NTI] Kaduna from 1991 to 1992 and with Abubakar Tafawa Balawa University [ATBU] from 1992 to 1997 and with Federal College of Education [COE] from 1997 to 2007.

See below for her resume

While serving as a public servant, Hajiya Ahmed, in 2006, incorporated a Limited Liability Company on 24th April, 2006, called Munaisah Investment Nig. Limited (RC: 651360) where she was named as a Director along with her daughter, Aisha Ahmed Bose and brother. Her action in becoming part owner of the investment company in the capacity of DIRECTOR directly contravenes the law prohibiting public servants from engaging in private business and putting themselves in a position of conflict of interest. A few months after becoming the Education Commissioner, on October 31, 2007, she incorporated another firm [Kamob Integrated Service Limited – RC : 715946] to be used as a front. Her younger brother, Magaji Muhammed Suraj and her son, Mubarak Mohammed were named as directors.

See evidence of company registrations below:

Best Tactics Investment




Particularly, the corrupt Hajiya Ahmed took advantage of the public trust entrusted on her as the Education Commissioner by awarding numerous contracts to one of her firms – Munaish Investment Nig. Ltd. Cursory perusal through the company’s web portal shows the company was in active business and not dormant. Several contracts from the Ministry of Education corruptly awarded directly to her company while she was the Commissioner include construction of classroom blocks at GDSS Gabukka, GDSSS Awak, and GGSSS Kumo (handled through Kamob Ltd. when Mubarak was 5 yrs) GGC Doma, GSTC Barunde, GDSS 2 Gombe, and New Admin Block of FCE (Tech), Gombe State.

Another evidence of one of such contract awards is shown in a letter and a certificate of completion obtained by The letter is dated May 10, 2012 and signed by the Education Commissioner of Gombe State and addressed to the Managing Director, Messrs Kamob Integrated Services LTD with reference MOE/S/EST.57/V.1/174 and titled “Award of Contract for Construction/Renovation at GGSSS Kumo”. According to the letter, the contract sum was N34,174, 840. The Certificate of Completion issued by the Gombe State Ministry of Education, as shown below, indicates the sum of N34,174,840 was disbursed to Kamob Integrated Services LTD. The contract was supposedly completed on November 4, 2013.

Letter of contract award and certificate of completion:

On 31st January, 2008, Hajiya Ahmed incorporated another limited liability company, Best Tectics Investment Limited (RC No 728517). She used her younger brother Magaji Muhammed Suraj (Barunde) as one of the Directors, including her daughter. He was fronting for her despite the fact that Saraji was already employed as a public servant working with Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) – thus going against provisions of the Federal Civil Service Laws. Also, her daughter’s, [Aisha Ahmed Bose] presence as a Director goes against the same Federal Civil Services Laws, in that, she works as a public servant with Federal University of Kashere.

Interestingly, the former Education Commissioner is presently contesting for a seat at the Green Chamber, after having swindled the people of Gombe State through her numerous illegally-awarded contracts to her firms. She has, in other words, opted to hide her tracks against her upcoming endeavor of seeking for a seat at the National Assembly. She decided to cover up her records after she was tipped off that a group of concerned citizens were hot on her trail. However, the desperate attempt by the her and her cohorts to cover-up records confirming their engagement in business did not yield fruitful results.

The Munaish Inv. Nig. Ltd. CAC Status report, as shown below, indicates that the former Commissioner for Education Hajiya Ahmed withdrew and resigned as a Director, but the Status Report has no date of resignation ascribed to her. However, careful investigation reveals that she only resigned recently and then back-dated the resignation. Particularly, other documents obtained from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) clearly indicate that all the three persons and Mubarak Mohammed were all Directors as at 11th August, 2022. In other words, the former Commissioner was a Director when she was a Commissioner and had awarded Contracts to herself as such.

Evidence of her daughter’s employment at the university

See the FIRS Record below.

Interesting enough, the CAC Status Report for Best-Tactics Inv. Ltd obtained on 13th September 2022 shows that Magaji Muhammed Suraj of the NNPC (NUPRC) was removed as Director of the company recently, after they discovered they were being investigated. His name was removed on 19th August, 2022. This was following a long period of contract executions and serving as a front for himself and his elder sister, the former Commissioner for Education at Gombe State. Their other under-aged children remain as Directors for the family business till date. Mubarak Mohammed still holds sway for his father as Director at Best–Tactics Inv. Ltd. (RC NO:728517) and also as Director at Kamob Integrated Services Ltd. whose CAC Status Report is shown above.

The younger brother… the front man

See evidence of the brother’s employment status:

When reached out to the former Commissioner, she did not respond to our many attempts.

It is expected that anti graft agencies of the Federation would hone in on political office holders who have been entrusted with the people trust and treasury, to ensure the collective democracy experience is preserved and enhanced for the next dispensation. Particularly, eagle eyes should be beeped those looking forward to becoming lawmakers and legislators. Indeed, criminal-minded political leaders remain the bottleneck to the effort to improve governance in Nigeria.

Stay tuned for more comprehensive report on the younger brother to the former commissioner of education and the house of representative candidate. How he uses the proceeds of his illegal operations to finance the activities the local Emir in Gombe and his sister’s candidacy.



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