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Posted on August 31, 2011, 4:18 pm

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  1. Sir Doctor Ali Amadi (jnr) JP,NMS

    September 26th, 2012

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    • 247ureports

      September 26th, 2012


  2. Bashir Muhammad

    September 27th, 2012

    I want to be getting news in my email inbox

  3. October 6th, 2012

    If things are how it should be,every HOUSEHOLD in Igboland and indeed Biafra should have been in MOURNING at this auspicious moment in time because our conducts and utterances(lookwarm attitude and spirit of TIMIDITY ) that have effectively taken over our consciousness are DIRECT INSULT and ASSAULT ON THE MEMORY OF THE FALLEN HEROES AND HEROINS OF BIAFRA and indeed ALL IGBOS MASSACRED IN NORTHERN NIGERIA FROM 1966 TILL DATE.It is a sign of decaying generation that we Igbos have become insensitive to the killings of our kinsmen;our conducts and posturing and infact our likes are the reasons why kidnapping has persisted in Igboland;that is why our so-called governors will continue to under develop Igboland, misapply public funds;refuse to conduct local elections;encourage investments outside Igboland thereby shipping jobs to other regions;owe civil servants; destroy traditional institutions in the name of politics and we hail them as HEROES in the hope that we will get favours.But I tell you what?..majority of what is setting the Igboland backwards are from within us…and Radio Biafra will not spare them and their supporters and more importantly,God will continue to CHASTISE we Igbos until we stand on the TRUTH and defend it…Igbos will never know peace until we STOP CONDONING EVIL and the SPIRIT OF ALL OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS MASSACRED SINCE 1966 till this day(and whom we have all ignored through our actions and inactions) will CONTINUE to HUNT and HOUNDS US until we begin to HONOUR them and their memories and pursue with vigour and tenacity (not just in words) but through conscious, practical steps to DEFENDING the IGBO CAUSE and elevate the killing of our kinsmen to the level of importance and consciousness akin to that of the JEWISH HOLOCAUST without fear or favour.What a confused generation we are…what a race!!!If we refuse to move when we are alive..we would inevitably be moved when we are dead..LET US CONTINUE TO HOPE AND TRUST THAT GOD HAS NOT FINISHED WITH US.

  4. Nnamdi Nweke Esq

    October 11th, 2012

    You are doing a great job! Pls i want to be getting news alerts on my email too. thanks.

  5. Gen Emma Shobor

    November 23rd, 2012

    Pursuant to the Federal Government Amnesty Programme, As an Ex-Agitator/ commader of ZION Gorillar Freedom Fighters located at Ughelli creeek, i wish to call on The Presidential Amnesty Programme under the inspirational leadership of Hon Kingsley Kuku to include the Urhobo ex-agitators who were docuemented during the disarmament by the JTF IN THE 3RD Phase Amnesty programme

  6. adeleye kayode yusuf

    February 20th, 2013

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  7. Mark Igwe

    February 27th, 2013

    Ezu River: Senate joint committee returns to Anambra

    · Gov Obi,SARS,Federal High Court testify

  8. Chizoba Anuforom

    March 11th, 2013

    I want 2 be getting news in email inbox. Thanks

    • Okelo Madukaife

      May 11th, 2013

      Judicious expenditure of over N2trillion Anambra State earnings is the issue
      Officials of the incumbent government of Anambra State must quickly get over their natural tendency to create a noisy scenario to drown critical issues in the public domain, while leaving them unaddressed because Anambra People have since developed their minds beyond what the government can grapple with.
      To this extent, we urge the government to give a clear concise and understandable answer to the issue of earning and judicial expenditure of over N2 trillion in seven and half years and carefully point at signposts of the utilisation of funds, to avoid ending their administration on the wrong foot.
      We have read the comments credited to Mr Mike Udah, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Anambra State, and Mr Peter Obi on the challenge from the former governor of Anambra State and Senator representing Anambra Central Dr Chris Ngige as reported by
      We have also read the mudslinging from Mr Valentine Obienyem, Senior Special Assistant to the governor of media Affairs and his application for a grandiose debate over matters that its hard facts and statistics lies in print on the world wide web . We understand the diversionary tactics contained therein, because finally someone is looking beyond his everyday verbose propaganda lines.
      Between Udah,Obenyem and other who have tried to come into this issue, there is a babel of voices that has done everything but address the simple issue of matching what the government claims is its achievement in the intervening period with the earning of N2 trillion, less Sure-P funds.
      Dr Ngige had last weekend criticised the present government in Anambra State for failing to show in terms of infrastructure and accomplishments that the government has earned N2 trillion in seven ad half years.
      Ngige threw the challenge at a pavilion mounted by a coalition of past office holders in Anambra State from all political parties, shortly after the forum endorsed him and invited him to cut sort his consultations and enter the Anambra 2014 governorship race to continue his good works, which took a break in 2006.
      Mr Udah however either missed the point in Dr Ngige’s challenge or deliberately evaded the thrust in his cited response.
      In the first place, the statement from the Chief Press Secretary, was characteristically evasive, in that it extra- confirmed Senator Ngige’s claim that the state government earnings was ‘higher than N2trillion,stated by Ngige’,yet did not say anything what gulped the money, or where the cost centres are.
      Said Udah:’ Someone should please tell Ngige that his Arithmetic was wrong – what Governor Obi has invested in Anambra State is quite higher than N2 trillion’
      First, If it is higher than N2 trillion, it is not N2 trillion and Anambra State citizens will like in this age of information and transparency to know in clear terms what it is and how it has been deployed, in order to appreciate the truth of Senator Ngige’s challenge against the lack-lustre performance of the government of the day. It would not suffice to finger beneficiaries of cash dole-outs from the government to speak of achievements without facts and statistics.
      Second, since Senator Ngige challenge is that there is nothing on ground in Anambra State today to justify the expenditure of N2 trillion, it means his point is better underscored if the amount earned is actually more than 2trillion as stated by Udah.Yet the emphasis of Dr Ngige was not the amount invested, but the amount earned by the state. Investments stand on a different pedestal, and should go beyond voluntary international agencies at the proper time of reckoning.
      Mr Udah claimed that the Anambra State government has: constructed over 380 kilometres of roads across Anambra State with every community and Local Government Area getting its fair share. ‘. Assuming but not conceding that Mr Peter Obi’ administration has constructed 380 kilometres of Roads -The state government figures on roads have danced from 500km to 700km and back to 380km- does 380 kilometres of road cost N2trillion? If we were to go at a relatively high index of N100million per kilometre, 380 kilometres of roads, where it exists should cost about N38 billion.
      ‘This is because over and above what Ngige could see, he has in fact sourced and got serious funding and numerous forms of assistance from individuals, corporate institutions and friends who know he is on a rescue mission, and are impressed with the sacrifices he is making as well as the turn-around which Anambra has been witnessing since he mounted the saddle’ Mr Udah further wrote
      We thank Mr Udah for reminding Anambra that Dr Ngige’s criticism was actually an understatement because Gov Obi had more funds to work with. We trust that the government will do well to itemise these funds received in excess of the stated N2 trillion and justify their use.
      Mr Udah’s overstated falsehood about parts of Anambra State not benefiting equally from roads constructed by Ngige is a mere re-cycle of his administration’s propaganda on construction of roads only in one part of the state, which gladly was addressed with facts ,figures and statistics by Ngige in the same forum where he threw the raging challenge.
      Ngige illustrated with roads running from Kogi state through Otuocha-Aguleri-Umueri-Nteje-Awkuzu-IfIte Dunu-Oyeagu and another stretch from Abia through Isuochi-Owere-Ezukala-Umunze-Ogbunka-Amaesi-Umuchu –Igbo Ukwu ,and yet another from Imo State through Iseke-Okpor-Osumoghu-Nnewi-Awka Etiti in a plethora of 77 such roads to illustrate that roads where uniformly distributed to Anambra State’s three senatorial zones in a deliberate policy tagged ‘triangular equilibrium’.
      It is actually this propaganda spearheaded by Val Obienyem,Mike Udah and their cohorts in the state government triggered off by unclear conscience that I introduced the needless comparison between Ngige and Obi administration .So one is surprised when Mr Udah speak of comparing apples ad oranges, only because for the first time in many years, remarkably at a time of stock-taking, his administration is being challenge to account for their work in facts, figures and statistics, beyond amorphous propaganda.
      One would have wished that Mr Udah would avoided mentioning SABmiller Breweries, Onitsha .Yet he did. We do not plan to take over the judicial assignment before a high court in Abuja at the instance of a concerned citizen of Anambra State to explain how N5billion of Anambra State government money ended up buying shares for private citizens. We would rather let the court decide that, while we concentrate on the larger picture of N2trillion yet unaccounted for.
      Finally, we are not surprised that Mr Udah did not get the point contained in reports from the same event, that Anambra State enjoys peace today because Ngige, chose not to raise fronts against a judicial coup carried out by pre-civil war enemies of Anambra State for pre-determined goals and that the pregnant silence on the fairness of the judgment that enthroned Obi has been broken, at a time the Anambra public has a recent judgement in Enugu on matters within Gov. Obi’s political party, for all the needed comparative illustration.
      We hasten to remind Mr Udah that since Ngige cited N2tr and he confirmed that the amount is more. He has a duty to state with his government how the money has been spent because the eyes of Ndi Anambra are now open to their financial profile courtesy of Senator Dr Chris Ngige since 2004Anambra State and the liberation may not easily be reversed.

      Okelo Madukaife
      State Publicity Secretary
      Anambra State Chapter

  9. April 16th, 2013

    Compliments. I saw a article Governor Amaechi and his False Impression of a Revolution written by me and adopted by one Dr Lewis Aphogena on your platform. I can send my articles to you for publication if i have a contact email i can send them to. I had earlier inquired on how i can send my articles to you, but got no response. This may just be an opportunity. Waiting for your response.

  10. Ubong Cletus Etukudo

    April 22nd, 2013

    I need a job seriously,b4 a graduate like me me 9ja people thanks

  11. April 24th, 2013

    247ureports will be ashamed of herself to have posted a very dishonest and defaming news about governor of Enugu State and sex scandal. You must be ashamed of yourself for posting this falsehood for too long a time, shame on you. If this is governor of Anambra state will you do such a dishonest job? Shame on you, who ever that posted and continues to paste this falshood to make Wawa people and her governor look bad in public eyes, shame on you, it is done in bad taste. Again shame on you. You want Wawa people to look bad while you want your Anambra to look good. See your Umeh disgracing all the Igbo men by running his APGA to the floor and running to APC, we dee laughouooo. We read this news often but correctioins must be made and even a posted appology will be good and accepted.

  12. April 26th, 2013

    Nija youth wake-up we have no other country except nigerian. we have been suffering in silence while our leader put our future in their bank accounts. How can we remain like this? How can a youth go to school & suffered to graduate at the end no job. U’re almost 40 & still your future is as bleak as a dark room. Did ur parents send U to school to sit at home bcos our government have failed us let us come out one day & say No. We must not remain like this, we cannot all travel abroad to find a better life our better life is here in our country. We have D money oil & resource bt only a selected few have cotinue to suck it dry. Why we keep believing God for a change, wake-up now. I challenge you, we need 500,000 youths in each of the 36 states to challenge the government we say No we will destroy this country & rebuild it afresh, we will kill those who stand on our way as dey are considered the enemy. A man cannot have billion of naira while million of youths roam the streets everyday looking for daily bread. Our young men must not all be kidnappers our young girls must not all be prostitutes. Get ready i tell you. The time has come for us to react the only way our government listen is violence day have shown it to the niger delta militants and now they are planing to show it to the bokoharm. Whereas a simple gesture of #20,000 per month to the unemployment is rejected & u pay militants #75,000 per month. How much do they pay as minimum wage? How much do they pay to elected officers, we are going to revolt. Nigeria wil burn to be rebuilt again like libya, Iraqan, Egypt & Tunisia…. Pls spread this message unless U want to die in poverty in a country where God has destined all of us to be happy & prosperous…!!! Pls send dis msg to all nigerian cos anything can happn o !!! Join us the new NYJF (nigeria youth joint force) b4 election 2014.

  13. Okelo Madukaife

    May 11th, 2013

    Anambra : Let descent language rule, as we insist on the facts

    Provocative! Indescent!! Abusive!!!
    These are the most appropriate words we can find to describe the language unfortunately employed by the Anambra State commissioner for Works, Arc Callistus Ilozumba to pollute a civilised debate on the Anambra State soapbox, dutifully flagged off by none but the founder of New Anambra State-liberated from the psychology of civil war defeat and the cave-holes of exploitative demigods, into a state on the threshold of real development
    First Arc Ilozumba exaggerated the figures put out by Senator Dr Chris Ngige at the Events Centre of Marble Arch Hotels Awka, venue of his multi-party endorsement to enter the Anambra State governorship race ahead of his own decision to do so.
    Ngige had on that occasion analysed that Anambra State has in the past sevens years and fractions earned a total of N1.2 Trillion from the federation Account and about N800 billion from local government allocations making a total of N2 trillion
    He said so in the context that some say the present ‘government is trying’, but fail to compare the achievement claims with the resources at their disposal. Ngige worked within N80 billion bracket from the federation Account and acknowledged that with internally Generated Revenue ((IGR) and local Government Funds , totalling roughly billion for 33 months that he presided over Anambra State as governor and did all that he did in that period within that money ,including paying the debts wd in the preceding administration.
    He therefore challenged the Incumbent government to point out their achievement that can justify the income profile N2 trillion as he (Ngige ) had not seen any ting in terms of infrastructure that can justify the earnings.
    In the context of liberal and competitive democracy, this is a legitimate demand that does not call for gutter language form high temples of government or needless vituperations on the person of a statesman and distinguished senator, because he could not be rigged out.
    We condemn the language in its entirety and insist that the questions have not been answered as they must. We also know that the new Anambra State that Ngige has contributed in making will not forget, because they have been beaten before.
    Elsewhere in the world including other parts of Nigeria this is a decent challenge to which incumbents who have given a good account of themselves will simply smile and seize the high ground to rise and shine.
    But with the kind of missiles being hauled by Mike Udah, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Valentine Obienyem, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor, Joe-Martins Uzodike, Commissioner for information, who has today been humble by the Anambra State House of Assembly which ordered him to place his tongue-in-cheek rebuttal in their chambers for statements credited to him in three national newspapers.
    Now we have, Arc Calistus Ilozumba, who ought to be more decent in the application of language, coming from the professional cadre, flying into uncontrollable rage, describing a past governor of Anambra State and a serving senators as ‘lunatic’ in the physical presence of Governor Peter Gregory Obi without impeaching his facts.
    One cannot but reach the safe conclusion that the harmless challenge of modern politics is hurting the Anambra State government badly. But governance is about emotional intelligence. Ours cannot be an exception.
    Yet ,Ngige who has his facts right is not sympathetic to ,and ought not to be , for a government that could have given Anambra State an airport, emplaced a teaching hospital that will not be accused of maintaining only one ambulence and sending their autopsy cases to other hospitals; transformed education beyond doling out N10 m cheques to voluntary organisations and maintained mud floors and walls for standard markets while donating hundreds of million of Naira and hundreds of vehicles to operatives outside their governance sphere or the profligacy of tending to those outside the circle of the governed.
    Senator Ngige, ever sure of his facts is not about to be shaken by the vituperations from the high altar of a government that cannot secure its people in a state where statesmen are murdered like fowls while it makes spurious claims on the pages of newspapers, outside reality.
    Our party ACN and our mega party APC recommend a re-orientation programme for Arc Ilozumba and those who speak like him on the rudiments and language of engaging the public on issues which concern them, such as the N2 trillion earnings of their state. for seven years ,which is verifiable.
    We know it for a fact that Ilozumba deliberately exaggerated the figures to N3 trillion to make his counter argument plausible and to impress his boss, Gov Peter Obi who disappointingly did not call the commissioner to order on language, suggesting that he was doing his bidding. We cannot begrudge Gov Obi another round of vehicle donations, with all its leakages, but we are quick to note that what Anambra State needs development, not endless is sharing that does not guarantee the future.
    With such programmes if they can be so called, it is easy to appreciate the conduits of waste so far encountered by Anambra State in the past seven years including the record construction of three 40 km roads of Onitsha –Odekpe –Osamala –Ogwu Ikpele;Amansea-Ebenebe –Awba Ofemmili and Afo Nkpor-Awka Roads for seven year- a project management disaster.
    We therefore caution these high officials of Anambra State government to keep the debate clean for what it is worth, not because indecent language can make Anambra State stop demanding proof of judicious management of this money that was enough to give them so many things they currently lack

    Okelo Madukaife
    State Publicity Secretary


    October 1st, 2013

    ……ONIRO PURO FONI ROoooo…..!!!….TINUBURUKU……!!!…….
    ..You also indulged in rigmarole. Kettle calling pot black. All over the world, politicians speak in parables. …..WHO IS DECEIVING WHO? I KNOW
    .Association of past/present criminals(APC) work in progress, blackmailing, scare mongering and crying fowl, where there is none……………………………………Unfortunately, the political class lacks all of those for one over-riding, ineradicable reason: its perception of politics and leadership is continuously distorted, depraved and devious. “Sacrifice” implies a sense of altruism, the quintessential trait requisite to productive, transformative, leadership. Yet, all those who have mounted the top echelons of Nigeria’s leadership since independence have shown quantum disdain, a rounded aversion, for altruistic persuasions.

  15. Sam Alpheus

    August 19th, 2015

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  16. kachy

    September 3rd, 2016

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  17. July 9th, 2017

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