Aisha Buhari Under Lockdown, Gagged



Information reaching indicates that the first family of the nation may have not completely recovered from the recent public outburst of the first lady over her husband’s lack of control on his subjects at the presidency. According to available information, the President of the federal republic of Nigeria and the husband to Aisha Buhari has placed his wife and the first lady of the nation under quarantine. She has been barred from exiting the compounds of the presidential villa until further notice.

Following the provocative interview of the first lady by the foreign media agencies where she spoke extensively on the manner the husband had been virtually held hostage by two individuals who in effect determine the policies and direction the country is heading towards – the close family relatives and friends to the Buhari were said to have intervened on the matter between the first lady and her husband behind closed doors. Islamic clerics and other Islamic spiritualist were also included in the list of people who made the move to intervene.

As was reliably informed by a competent source, the group of folks interceding on the matter reached the decision that both the husband and the wife were equally responsible for the public display by the wife. They delegated blame to the wife for going outside to speak against the husband without the husband’s permission. They cited Islamic laws and indicted her on that note. They also indicted the President, her husband under the same Islamic laws, for not listening to council. They claim that a husband and a leader must listen to council – else he faces failure and public ridicule.

At the completion of the intersection, the matter was considered resolved between the first couple.

However as the matter was considered resolved, a gag order was placed on the first lady by the President. She was then barred from exiting the Villa compounds and told not to hold any public talks or discussions with anyone outside her immediate family.

In a sense, Aisha was returned to the Kitchen, the Living and maybe the Other Room.




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