Governor Peter Obi is Good For President – Ezeife


The first civilian governor of New Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has recommended one his successors and incumbent governor of the state, Peter Obi, for the nation’s number one seat of president.

Speaking to newsmen in Awka over the weekend on national and state issues, Ezeife singled out Obi for the presidency of the nation for what he described as his accomplishments in the areas of improvement of infrastructural and administrative developments of the state, his fiscal discipline and leadership qualities which has seen him being the chairman of South East Governors’ Forum for many years now.

‘Peter Obi has been underrated by our people too much and I don’t know why. They said he is even more ‘araldite’ than myself; I was told I was tight-fisted and that he is even more tight-fisted than me, but there has been some significant physical development of Anambra State, there has been some significant administrative development in Anambra State and the governor of Anambra State has been the leader of South East Governors’ Forum. He is highly rated in financial management across the country. Peter Obi is actually one of those who should be considered for the office of president, because he has done quite well,’ Ezeife enthused.

Speaking further on the issue of Igbo presidency in 2015, Ezeife said only the Igbo could stop themselves from becoming president of Nigeria. He however pointed out that it could only come to fruition if the Igbo put their acts together and make a shortlist of not more than five candidates from which one would be chosen by general consensus rather than by force.

‘So if the Igbo people say yes to Igbo presidency in 2015, I will say yes in support and it will happen, but if our people begin to shake and allow all kinds of wavering, then we will be the cause of our downfall,’ Ezeife warned.

He said that the current Boko Haram-induced violence in the country would only succeed in further delaying the north from returning to power in the nearest future. He regretted that after the north had ruled Nigeria for 38 and half out of the country’s 50 years of Independence, they should be willing to give others a chance instead of claiming that they were born to rule.



  1. Peter Obi should face Anambra state and leave the issue of presidency. He has proved to be too parochial in his actions. He cannot see beyond his town and relations. How then can he protect the interest of non anambrarians?


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