Update: Gun Battle Between Boko Haram and JTF in Kano, One Dead, Women, Children Arrested

Boko Haram Actions in Jos, Plateau State

Available information indicates that the gun battle between the men of the Joint Task Force [JTF] and the men of Boko Haram may have resulted in the death a suspected Boko Haram member while the other members of Boko Haram reportedly escaped. The wives and children were arrested by the men of JTF. No member of the JTF sustained any injuries or died in the gun exchange.

According to the information received by 247ureports.com, the Boko Haram hide out at Maidule area behind Sabuwar Gandu was hit in the early morning hours of today – following a tip off by the neighbors who suspected that the members of Boko Haram were living at the said house. Upon arriving at the location, it was discovered that the men of Boko Haram had bobby-trapped the house. As the JTF began firing, the explosives went off – allowing the men of Boko Haram ample opportunity to escape the house – leaving behind their wives and children – who were then arrested by JTF.

The hit operation by the JTF was said to be a success. The hit recovered a cache of heavy amunitions in the possession of the Boko Haram.

The men of JTF are expected to brief the press shortly.

The JTF has confirmed that a Boko Haram member was killed in Kano while another one escaped. They indicated that two women and a three week old child were captured in the house along with a large amount of bullets and 60 AK47 riffles and home-made bombs. It was revealled that one of the captured women had in her bag a cache of bullets and other small arms. The JTF revealed that the woman had been arrested previously following a tip off but she was later released because she was pregnant. In addition, the motorbikes recovered at the house resembled the same motorbikes used in the BUK attacks – and in another attack against the Kano State home of the Imo State Commissioner.

Meanwhile, 247ureports.com has gathered that as the men of JTF arrived the scene with the bomb sniff dogs used to detect bombs – and as the dogs began work – the bombs detonated killing the dogs instantly.




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