BreakingNews: Fight Breaks Out In Onitsha Head-Bridge Between Hausas & Igbos


Information reaching from Onitsha, Anambra indicate that a riot has broken out between the Hausa traders staged at the head bridge in Onitsha and the Igbo residents.

Unofficial State Security Services [SSS] report have it that 4 persons have been killed in the fight.

According to available information, the fight started at 1:30pm following a misunderstanding between the police stationed at the head bridge and one of the commercial bus drivers operating at the head bridge. The police was said to have been hitting the driver’s bus with his AK47 riffle – and it then got stuck in the bus. As the police officer struggled to retrieve his riffle, the driver of the bus pulled away with his vehicle dragging the police officer in the process. The police officer’s partner, upon sighting his partner being dragged, fired his riffle and shot the driver dead  instantly.

The officers were northerners and the driver was an Igbo man.

The bridge head area immediately, turned deadly. The Igbo drivers and traders became angry and began attacking the police stations within the environs. They also targeted their anger at the Hausa traders trading at “Abatoir” – stating that since the Hausa peple have been killing the south easterners in north – that they remained calm – but today they are seeking revenge.

According to an SSS officer staged in Onitsha, the military and the police has reacted to dispatch anti-riot squad to the head bridge area to stop the riot. The SSS added however that as at 2:30pm that the security men have not been able to stop the rioting.

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  1. When a child is cuting down a tree an elder watches with keen interest n can predict d direction which d tree wil fall, based on where d cutlass lands on d tree,what we were afraid is on us, pple ar leavin d North on daily basis n now hausa police n Igbo traders in Onitsha av started killing each other,d economy of d North is gradually groundin 2 a halt,interestling d captured Qaqa just revealed Abu shekau( Satanic Boko haram leader) only compel Non-Kanuri 2 go suicide-bombin or get slaughtered b4 his family,now d Hausa- fulanis now kno beta cos they’re always thinkin only them love their Religion not knowing they ar weak n wiling tools in d hand of kanuri- led boko haram or(Book a harm),just imagine! already d die is cast n pains ar been counted,if Northern leaders ar any wiser they wil stop dis madnes n apologise 2 d entire nation else frm d preview dis seasonal film won’t end in excitment,may God save our country,we must continue 2 pray n soonest boko haram will bcome a thing of d past.

  2. 53 seconds ago
    I counted like five makeshift stall torn down as we drove past Head Bridge Market. But I could see a lot of Hausa traders standing around and a couple of army men. there was however no evidence of a… mob out for blood. the stall selling chickens and turkey ar still open. where do people get their info? please help me tell Nigerians that whatever happened in Onitsha was over hours ago!


  4. You the igbos are all cowards. All u are prayin is 4 an outbreak of civil war.if u can predict how it may begin u will never know its end so refrain ur memory back to what happened during biafra. Pls let nigeria be peaceful. And as 4 d boko haram they r no better than the igbo militants

    • @Kabeer,it seems u want 2 court insults on this forum.You obviously are weak minded.Your inane comments on labelling Igbos cowards r typical of someone bereft of his senses.You shld show more empathy at the numerous killings of southerns in the North and be respectful that southeasterns have refrained from bloodletting.Many are becoming refugees in their own country and you sit back and label a race cowards?Seems u wld rather prefer a backlash n let d “cowardly” Igbos descend on the hausas.Think before you talk,don’t make inflammatory statements.

  5. Bro emeka, i understnd ur grievences. In as much as u pained by all dis senseless killing in d north, repercussio n cannot solve d problem rather we shd ask frm our elected official for a nation conference, wher issue lik dis shd b trashed out. If there is war, hw ll d moderate muslim and xtian minority survive d hell dat ll b let loose on dem.not becos u ve smelling sour on ur hand u ll now cut it off. On bhalf of d voiceless northerner(note i’ not a frm d north) i say sorry my broda.


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