BreakingNews: Igbo Warehouse In Kano On Fire


Information reaching indicates that the tensed Igbo community in Sabon Gari Kano maybe undergoing what possibly appears as reprisal attack over the riot in Onitsha, the commercial capital of Anambra State.

Available information indicates that a warehouse belonging to the Nigerian Postal agency – and rented out to the Igbo merchants in Kano was mysteriously set on fire today’s afternoon around 1:30pm. The warehouse is located along New Road in the outskirts of Sabon Gari – an area dominated by Igbos and other southern minorities.

The cause of the fire is said to be officially not certain but eyewitnesses who spoke to our correspondents indicate that it may be the result of “anything”. They did not rule out the chances of the fire being an accident. In talking to the Police Public Relations Officer [PPRO], Magaji, he confessed that he was just coming out of prayers – that he is yet to be briefed on the fire. Also, the Chief Press Secretary, Dantiye when contacted stated that he was out of town and was not aware of the incident – that he will make the necessary contacts and return to us.

Nonetheless, the leader of Ndigbo in Kano and Chairman of Kano State Ohaneze, Chief Tobias Idika has confirmed the fire – and the extent of the damage to goods belonging to south eastern merchants. He added that the warehouse extended over an area of 200meters by 120meters.

The fire brigade was reported to have arrived the scene. But the extent of the fire was overwhelming to the skeletal team of fire – fighters. Available information indicates that the fire-fighters ran out of water minutes after their arrival.

Meanwhile, in a related development, a suspect has been arrested nearby the fire incident at a porsche hotel located by Gold Coast road and Enugu Road in Sabon Gari. The suspect is said to have arrived at the hotel with what is suspected by police to be explosives. Details remain sketchy.


  1. Your head story is too mischievous and it may result to more anarchy,what ever happen with warehouse the sources should be ascertain before you relate the matter as reprisal attack for Anambara (Onisha) mayhem.

  2. Respect and honour could only be earned through just and fair statements on issues happening in our country (be it religious,tribal,politics etc).popularity or profit yeild through duvious way could only lead to calamity of unknown nature.please always be sincere and look towards the implications of dessiminating information. Thanks.

  3. This report is as inciting as the the heading . Dont you have people to edit and verify the stories that hungry writers give you to publish. I live in kano. The fire outbreak has nothing to do with reprisal attack.

  4. Contrary to the rumour and publications by some news media . The policeman that killed the bus driver at bridge head onitsha is samuel ojana from benue state, and not an hausa man as reported. Journalists should please verify stories before publishing . Its peace that we need in the country !!!

  5. I am not a lawyer but i stand to be corrected by lawyers…….cann’t GEJ govt be charged to cout for the various kills and lost of properties resulting from in ability to perform its constitutional role

  6. I am not a lawyer but i stand to be corrected by lawyers…….cann’t GEJ govt be charged to cout for the various kills and lost of properties by nigerians resulting from in ability to perform and discharge its constitutional role


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