How Tinubu & INEC Chairman Rigged Presidential Elections


Published reports indicate the INEC Chairman had knowledge of what transpired in the failed election. During the build up to the presidential election, the INEC Chairman transferred a certain Chidi Nwafor out of the INEC headquarters in Abuja and resigned him to a desk as an administrative assistant at an office in a rural part of Nigeria.

Chidi Nwafor is the IT expert credited as the developer of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) used by INEC to accredit voters and to upload results to the INEC web portal. His refusal to reprogram the BVAS to compromise the presidential elections was his offense. Adding gravitas, a former commissioner of Science & Technology to the Governor of Lagos State, Femi Odubiyi, was used to replace Chidi Nwafor. Femi Odubiyi took over the ICT facility in INEC and became responsible for jamming the network that halted transmission of the presidential election results.

Femi Odubiyi


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