NITP President attributes building collapse to lost morals, ethical violation


From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

President, Nigerian Institute of Town Planning, Oluwatoyin Ayinde has attributed
that the gross violation of ethical standards and lost morals have worsened the avoidable building collapse.

Ayinde lamented that misconception of building approval for town planning, and
urged the stakeholders to formulate and implement punishment for actors who handled collapsed structures to serve as deterrent to others, hence, saving lives and property from perishing.

The NITP President made the call in Bauchi over the weekend during his two-day advocacy visit to relevant ministries, higher institutions, and the Emir’s Palace. He lamented further that many of the state governments lack the political will to implement the existing plans.

Ayinde said , in his visit to 23 states of the federation, “only seven states had domesticated town planning law. Of the seven, three of them are implementing it bridge, meaning they have planning organisation but they are being headed by politicians who are members of the construction industry. For me, that’s being done in bridge because the person cannot understand what the planning programme is.Lagos, Ogun and one other state have been able to domesticate it. We have a state that did it but because of GIS they abrogated it.”

He said that buildings collapse “as a result of loss of our morals, ethics and values. Most times, you see people compromising, neglecting to do their work. If construction is going on and the engineer is not supervising that is on us as a people. But there is a system that is supposed to check it but if these people fail to do their work, something is wrong.

“One thing is paramount, if we have any wrongdoing, let’s punish the person who is wrong because that is the only way it can serve as a lesson to others in the future. That’s why we are failing, we fail to punish and then other people feel encouraged to commit unethical practices.”
When he visited the Emir of Bauchi Alhaji Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu Yinde seek the support of the Emir to succeed.

Ayinde and his team were at the Federal Polytechnic, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Ministries of Housing and Environment, Land and Survey where all stakeholders pledged their cooperation towards the success of the town planners activities.



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