Education Minister, Adamu Adamu Pockets Another N4b Contract, BPP Fingered


President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration may have surrendered to the superior power of corruption within his federal executive cabinet. This is as the six [6] years of managing the affairs of the federal republic of Nigeria [FRN] points to Buhari administration’s inability to combat the debilitating scrooge of nepotism, maladministration and venality.  

Investigation conducted by indicates the federal ministry of education under the leadership of Malam Adamu Adamu as the federal minister of education serves as the poster boy for the cesspool of freewill corruption indicative of the activities within the Buhari administration.

In a series of investigatory reports exposing the exploits of the education minister, revealed the freewill indulgence of the involved parties in the graft activity. The findings are glaring. Some of the reports include: – (1) How Minister Of Education, Adamu Adamu Uses Gangs Of Corrupt Aides To Swindle Education Ministry,  – (2) Exclusive: Adamu Adamu In Trouble As EFCC Makes Arrest, Opens Investigation On Education Ministry,  – (3)  Malam Adamu Adamu, Education Minister Shares N500m To Relatives In Bauchi,  – etc.

New information shows the education minister and his associates have continued to dip their hands in the ministry’s kitty within the full glare of anti-graft agencies and security authorities.

Using one of the many “fronts” that Adamu Adamu has become notorious for, a contract/project worth in excess of N3billion at the Jigawa State University located at Kafin Hausa was awarded for the construction of eight [8] complexes. The name of the recipient company was UYK based in Kano State. The operator of the company goes by the name Malami Rufai Bichi. The contract sum has been paid in full to the “front”. He incidentally was the same fellow Adamu Adamu used to share N500million to his family relatives recently. He was the one who distributed the money directly to the relatives.

The federal minister of education, Adamu Adamu

In the same light, another project/contract was awarded for the sum of N1.5billion for the construction and furnishing of two faculties – engineering and science – at the Dutse-ma university in Katsina State. This contract was also managed and operated by Malami Rufai Bichi – the “front” acting on behalf of the education minister. Other projects dating from 2015 to 2018 are said to have been “performed” by the “front” – of which source claim that the total contract amounts to an estimated N100billion.   

These new allegations comes amidst a felling health and an internal tussle for the control of the Bauchi State All Progressive Congress [APC]. The education minister is reported to have returned from a medical trip to Germany where he underwent a major surgery – that had rendered him to a position where he has to relearn how to walk – “he is seen walking with his doctor – he is learning to walk”.  He was scheduled to appear at the 10th anniversary of Tetfund on Thursday December 16, 2021 in Abuja at the Transcorp Hilton. “He did not show”. Our source claims the minister’s inability to sit upright owing to the surgery made him to cancel his scheduled attendance. Unverified reports claim the minister’s surgery was to correct a fault in his back while another indicate had a surgery to correct pile.  

Interestingly, there appears connivance between parastatals to enable the wanton fraud. Particularly, the Bureau of Public Procurement [BPP] – the body charged with regulating the players in the procurement process for the federal government. uncovered the BPP to be neck deep in connivance with the parastatals of the education ministries – Tetfund and UBEC. As gathered, many of the officials of the BPP are promised percentages of the contract sums in return for approvals that would normally not be approved – “bribery”. In some case, the BPP officials are offered contracts as rewards and/or bribery. The BPP would revert to a clause that allows for “selective” tendering – where the parastatal is allowed to arbitrarily select the company of its choice without the expected competitive public tendering. According to our source, the BPP have gravely abused the “selective” tendering clause to the point that it currently serves as avenue to commit contract fraud.

The anti-graft agencies “are aware” of these practices claims our source who explains that the foremost anti-graft agency – the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] under the leadership Abdulrasheed Bawa – have been alerted of the said practises by whistle blower groups who have submitted petitions but “nothing has been done”. According to one of the groups, the engine room of the corrupt activities is the BPP.    



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