Malam Adamu Adamu, Education Minister Shares N500m To Relatives In Bauchi


Information available to obtained from sources within the federal ministry of education reveals the federal minister of education, Malam Adamu Adamu recently began the distribution of over half a billion Naira to family relatives and in-laws. This is as most of the primary and secondary schools under the control of the federal government remain cash trapped and a hunting ground for bandits and kidnappers – due to none existent security or perimeter fencing.

According to competent sources within the federal minister’s office, the minister began the disbursement of the largess two [2] months ago in batches – and has continued till date. The monies were shared to his direct relatives at N20million each – while in-laws received N10million each. Distant relatives received alerts of N8million each. So far, more than twenty five [25] members of his immediate and extended family have received the said monies from the minister.

Malam Adamu Adamu is presently receiving medical attention in Germany for an undisclosed ailment. He is scheduled for surgery in Germany. His last visit to his official office at the federal secretariat in Abuja was on September 9, 2021 when he visited his office for a brief meeting with the Directors of the federal ministry of education. He spent an estimated one hour and forty five minutes [1hrs 45mins] before proceeding to the Turkish Hospital where he has been receiving medical treatment.

Interestingly, the education minister is reportedly lobbying to be pencilled in for the position of chief of staff to replace the current chief of staff [Gambari]. Knowledgeable sources indicate the President is likely to reshuffle his cabinet – and in the process may remove the National Security Advisor and/or the Chief of Staff. One of the sources notes however that Adamu Adamu is likely not to return to the cabinet.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Adamu Adamu is reported working in tandem with the former Speaker of the house of representatives [Hon. Yakubu Dogara] in orchestrating the role of political godfathers against the upcoming gubernatorial contest in 2023. The duo had been engaged in a tussle for control of the All Progress Congress [APC[ in Bauchi State – against the Nigerian ambassador to Germany [Tuggar] who also wanted control of the APC in Bauchi State.

Yakubu Dogara

To this end, Adamu Adamu turned the federal ministry of education to a cesspool of corruption to finance the take-over of the APC in Bauchi State.

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The federal minister, in effect, converted the education ministry into his family business to enrich his family.

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