Release Kanu now, Eastern Intelligentsia Coalition tells Buhari



A group of intelectuals, under the aegis of Eastern Intelligentsia Coalition, EIC, has called on President Muhammad Buhari to release the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB, Nnamdi Kanu with immediate effect and unconditionally.

EIC said instead of subjecting Jim to forceeable prolonged trial, Kanu’s release from detention would not only trigger an explosion of joy and gratitude, particularly in Eastern Nigeria, but also help to quel the current excesses of unknown gun men who have vowed to make life unbearable for both politicians and the common man in Igbo land.

In a press statement jointly signed by its Patron,Prof. Obasi Igwe; its Chairman, Prince Okey-Joe Onuakalusi Esq., and its Secretary, Dr. Kenneth Nwankwo, EIC contended that Kanu’s release would also help to reverse any allegation of ETH ic and religious bigotry hitherto leveled against President Muhammadu Buhai.

According to Igwe, Onuakalusi and Nwankwo, “We believe Kanu is being deliberately framed up for crimes he did not commit,  the aim being to achieve some planned ends, including  the continued humiliation of the Igbo nation. If he is released, there will be no reason left to continue pursuing vendetta againsr any one imagined to be his sponsors and or financiers”.



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