More Trouble Mounts, Kwankwaso Dumps Former Deputy Gov, Hafiz Abubakar

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More Trouble Mounts, Kwankwaso Dumps Former Deputy Gov, Hafiz Abubakar

More Trouble Mounts, Kwankwaso Dumps Former Deputy Gov, Hafiz Abubakar

Information available to indicates that not all seems well with the Rabiu Kwankwaso wing of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP]. This is as troubles mounting within the PDP in Kano threatens the supposed united front sold by the leadership of the national PDP to the Kwankwaso camp.

According to available information, Rabiu Kwankwaso, the former governor of Kano State who presently finds himself engrossed in a political battle with the Governor of Kano State, Malam Ganduje, is said to have dumped his supposed choice for the gubernatorial slot, Hafiz Abubakar, under the PDP in the 2019 general election, for reasons bordering on supposed troubles that Kwankwaso had in the past with Hafiz. Hafiz recently resigned his position as the deputy governor owing to an unfolding impeachment by the Kano legislature against his person.

A source who spoke to via the telephone revealed that Kwankwaso had not forgotten nor forgiven the former deputy governor for comments he made public that were considered disparaging to his [Kwankwaso] person. “Kwankwaso does not want a gubernatorial candidate that would challenge him or pose a threat to him” said the source who added that Kwankwaso prefers a ‘dolo’ and an ‘oh yes’ man as his gubernatorial candidate for the upcoming election.

For this reason he has turned to another person. His new pick for the slot, according to the source is Laminu Rabiu Dan Bappa, a permanent secretary in the present Kano State government. Interestingly, Laminu Rabiu Dan Bappa is an in law to Kwankwaso. He is married to the elder sister of Kwankwaso’s wife. Rabiu Kwankwaso met his wife through Laminu. The two gentlemen share a private and personal relationship. Unfortunate for Hafiz, Kwankwaso has yet to inform him of the change of mind. Hafiz continues to have the impression he is the Kwankwaso choice for the top slot.

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Kwankwaso’s problem stretches beyond his choice for gubernatorial. His troubles within the PDP in Kano appears to ferment without abatement. The stakeholders within the PDP in Kano reiterated their stance recently to the Kwankwaso group of their rejection of any gubernatorial candidate presented by Kwankwaso. “We will reject it completely” said the source who added that Kwankwaso has no significant following in Kano State. “No responsible person in Kano is following him, only youths on drugs”.

The source made it evident that the PDP in Kano risks being torn to shreds if Kwankwaso is allowed to continue as the leader of the party in the state. “He cannot be allowed to come back to the party after having played the prominent role in vilifying the PDP and in the failure of the party at the polls in 2015”. The source indicated that Kwankwaso must wait for those who endured his abuse to steer the party before he comes to pilot it. “If not, Ganduje will have a free ride come 2019”.

The source cautioned the national leadership of the PDP over its dealings with Kwankwaso. “Kwankwaso’s electoral value in Kano is insignificant”. The source explained that while Kwankwaso was in Government he relied on the services on thugs and youths on drugs to intimidate Kano resident away from the ballot boxes. They chased voters away using intimidation and then stuffed the boxes. “That is how he won elections”.

Unconfirmed information indicate the national leaders of the PDP are considering taking a second look at Kwankwaso and the latest dynamics in Kano PDP. The rejection of Kwankwaso as the leader of the party concerns the national leaders of the party.


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