Anambra PDP Primary: Committee Rebuffs Peter Obi’s Back Deals


Information reaching from sources in Awka indicate that the ongoing Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] primary in Awka at the Geogold hotel appear to have it share of drama. This is as the PDP began it delegation ratification today in preparation for the selection of its gubernatorial candidate to fly the party banner on November 18, 2017 election.

Available information indicates that a group within the stakeholders involved in the delegate ratification process throw up their hands in loud protest over what appeared to be irregularities in the selection of delegates. A competent source told that an internal riot inside the hotel had erupted over that appeared to be Peter Obi’s meddling into the affairs of the selection committee.

The source – who is a person of authority within the PDP circles stated that their appear a push back towards Peter Obi and his candidate.”They don’t want Peter Obi or anything to do with Peter Obi” says the source who explained that Peter Obi had made efforts to reach out to Governor Wike to assist in smoothing the process for the emergence of a delegate list that would be advantageous to his choice candidate and godson, Oseloka Obaze. It is not certain the extent with which Peter Obi had engaged Gov. Wike but it is certain the majority of the involved members in the delegation ratification process had raised a loud concern over Peter Obi’s efforts to subvert the process in favor of his candidate.

The youth members of the party had already taken to the streets to protest against the continued efforts by Peter Obi to influence the process illegally. Previously, the youths had protested in the streets of Onitsha and Awka over Peter Obi’s pledge to “buy up” the process if need be – to ensure his candidate is cleared to partake in the PDP primaries.

Peter Obi’s candidate was eventually clea after Peter Obi lobbied heavily. Peter Obi’s candidate was initially given a conditional clearance before it was later removed. Sources tell that Jerry Gana’s removal and the reorganization of the committees had to do with Peter Obi’s meddling to reach ‘understandings’ with the involved persons. Another unconfirmed source indicated Jerry Gana had been compromised to favor a particular candidate.

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