Arrest Of 486 Northerners In Abia State Is Unconstitutional And Has Violated Human Right – Jigawa Forum



By Ahmed Mahamud Usman, Dutse


The amalgamation of professionals, academicians and civil societies

organizations known as Jigawa Forum has condemned the arrest of 486

northern indigenes in Abia state …describing the action as ill and

unconstitutionally motivated.


This was contained in a press release distributed to news men by the

officials of the forum which was dully signed by its director general

Yahaya Ibrahim and made available to in Dutse.


The statement added that, the arrest of Nigerian citizens inside

Nigeria on the account of the section and religion they belong to is

very alarming and tantamount to bring disunity among the Nigerian and

peaceful coexistence among citizens.


“The arrest of these citizens for over days without allowing access to

them clearly shows the ill-motive for their detention and such action

would not auger well to the future of the country”


“The arrest of innocent Nigerians who  travelling in search of their

lawful livelihood is violation of their fundamental human and citizens

right as well as flagrant abuse of the Nigerian which granted the

right of  free movement to all Nigeria, and such unwholesome  action

must be stopped.


“It is unfortunate if Northerners now turn to be targeted for

arbitrary arrest,and even described them as members of the  Boko Haram

suspects in Southern part of the country, this seems to be a

calculated attempt to humiliate and disgrace the entire North which

could not be tolerate”.


The forum than called for the immediate stop of the occurrence of such

inhuman action conducted by Nigerian  military in order to abuse the

people of northern Nigeria.



  1. That is how is suppose to be as they are boko haram hideout state.We dont need to allow free moving of any Northern Nigeria to reduce to killing of innocents souls in Nigeria.
    Kudos to the Government of Nigeria for the job Weldon.

  2. That is how it suppose to be as they are boko haram hideout place in Nigeria.We dont need to allow free moving of any Northern Nigeria to reduce the killing of innocents souls in Nigeria.
    Kudos to the Government of Nigeria for the job Weldon.

  3. The head of the Jigawa Forum and its members should be all arrested, tried and thrown to prison. If those men arrest is “Unconstitutional And Has Violated Human Right”, what is all the killing of innocent ones in their place of business, worship since 1943 is that the num. They need to go and find the over 200 girls in their area. Those girls Human Rights have being violated. Jigawa Forum should explain the purpose of these 486 Boka Haram men, what are they doing in that area at that time of the day and where are they going.

  4. What sort of dehumanization one can get from her country home. The igbos that are better off out side their home are hosting the Northerners and labelling them as a terrorist. What happened to the millions of Easterners that are resident in the North, Mr Genocide Jonathan this was not the way Nigeria was handed over to you. Your government was busy in encouraged sentiments and ethnic s cleansing.

  5. Who ever is complaining about the arrest, should explain where 35 buses loaded with aboki going to do in the east at that time, why can’t they travel in the day time, mr jigawa forum!! if the security men of this country know what they are doing, you should be arrested, cos you are a terrorist, killing, stealing and raping innocent citizens of NIGERIA!! You should be arrested as soon as possible DEVIL!!

  6. I don’t believe that those people are Boko Haram suspects at all. I believe that these are innocent traders from the North trying to ove in convoy to enhance their safety. Everyday loads of buses bring people from the South to Kano, Kaduna, etc, and they are allowed free passage unmolested. Some people are just out to justify receiving security allowances.
    The truth is that everyone knows where Boko Haram guys are; they are in Sambisa forest and the Nigerian security guys know it but are scared of going there to meet them.
    We should stop inciting other Nigerians against innocent Northerners simply because the government has failed in its duty to provide us security.
    If you say they are BH suspects, where are their armoured cars, rocket propelled guns and other weapons? How can Boko Haram suspects move about unarmed?
    People say they went to school but they now believe every silly thing they are told! Haba

    • Abubakar says “If you say they are BH suspects, where are their armoured cars, rocket propelled guns and other weapons? How can Boko Haram suspects move about unarmed?” On the other hand, if you say they are traders where is their money, bank details, business contacts and plans? How can traders move about in the dead of night on a trading mission without purchasing power and without any business contacts in their destination? The answer is not that simple. I hope that the arrested persons be proven innocent, but I see reason for the precaution taken by the security agencies in intercepting them. If such precaution had been the norm all over the country, perhaps Chibok would not have happened.

  7. Jigawa Forum members, at what point did it become a crime for the arrest and detention of suspected criminals?. The arrest and detention of these you men was it effected by the Abians? Why are you guys fanning conflicts and dissension between north and east? The Nigerian police and army made up of predominantly Northerners, arrested group of almost five hundred young Northern Moslem men heading to Abia in pretense of looking for work in a joblessness state. Doesn’t that warrants looking into? Is it not true that a wanted Boko Haram terrorist was in their midst? Have we lost complete faith in Nigerian police and army?. Please folks, allow the officials to do their job. I am sure that the guys will be set free if and when deemed innocent.

  8. I just want to use this media to thank His excellency Mr president nd the Nigeria law enforcement agency for capturing these set of terrorist,pls they should nt spare them at al,they should pls kill them all.Because if they free dm definitely they will cm bk….the best way is to pls terminate them imidiately…….that’s how they go about bombing every where,nd there aim is to come nd bomb east but,God of IGBO’s has captured them,glory to God…..nd for the jigawa forum government should pls arrest all of them because they are all fundamental legalised members of boko haram,they are their financial energizers…..GLORY to GOD


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