The Sleaze Namadi Sambo, Nigeria, Vice President Left Behind in Kaduna as Governor Return to Haunt Him


Like a recurring  decimal, a group of youth under the aegis of  Northern  Youth Forum, has beamed  its light on the activities of Nigerian Vice President Namadi  Sambo,  when he held sway at sir, Kashim  Government House before the post of the vice president was thrust on him in 2011, following  the death of  President Yar’dua .

In a  statement signed by Mohammed  Isa, the  coordinator of the group, in vein  reference to the  sacked of the Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido  Sanusi, for an alleged  financial  recklessness , the group lamented that while  the presidency  and  President Goodluck  Jonathan,  surrounds himself with looters and fraudsters, the embattled  CBN governor, Lamido Sanusi  is being removed from officefor exposing the $20b  petroleum revenue stolen by  the officials of the NNPC and  the Hawks in the Presidency.

“ We have restrained  ourselves from  joining other Youth organizations in the  North, like the Northern Youth  Emancipation Network, (NEN) to avoid been label as tools in the hands of Northern elders and those opposed to president  Jonathan’s  third term bids. But recent development in the polity has shown that while the Sambos of this world have taken refuge in Aso Rock, after the mind bugling looting of Kaduna state, the reasons given for the sack of Sanusi, whose mandatory tenure ends in June, is not acceptable to us and any Nigerian, giving the body language of the president and his collaborators fingered in the missing $20b from the Nation’s treasury” the group state.

The group raises hypothetical questions laced with answer; who has bother to ask Namadi, what he did with Kaduna state treasury, before he was crowned as Vice president?

Till today the  Zaria water works  contracts worth over N250billion  which he awarded to his Company Nalado, has been abandoned and the billions of  gone down the drain. Said the group.

“ A professional  architect and entrepreneur leading three companies , namely Coplan Associates, a firm of architects  and engineering  consultancy firm, Nalado  Nigeria limited- specializing in energy, water supply and  waste disposal  and many attageneral service limited, which supplies hospital equipment.

As a governor Namadi enjoyed contract opportunities that the system threw up; from supplies to design and waste disposal.

Namadi, perfected the act of looting using the insecurity in the   state, spending a whopping N10M daily to run operation Yaki, an anti-robbery squad, spending a total of N300M, monthly to fuel the operational vehicles.

The story of how Namadi used his company to furnish the 1,000 hospital bed in Kaduna, has left pundit guessing, on how a state official use his company to steal from the treasury” the group alleged.



  1. The allegation on the Vice President is baseless. It begs the question as to why the group waited till Sanusi was suspended, before bringing up their ill- conceived decoy.
    For instance, to insinuate that a construction work was awarded to Sambo’s consulting firm is idiotic, because consulting firms engages in supervision, and not construction work.

    We are well aware that lamido Sanusi was begin most of the insurgengencies in this country through funding relief operations for victims of the Boko haram.
    Why have this group not bothered to address the issues raised against Sanusi, those of impunity, abuse of office, and was flu expenditure? It reveals in bold relief that’ there is more to it than meets the ordinary eye’.

    If Sanusi were my brother or father? I would have asked him if all these allegations were true. If in the contrary, I strategize in putting up a line by line defense. So let’s stop crying over spilt milk, Sanusi is a common criminal!



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