Crisis in APC: Buhari Group To Pull Out, To Join Labor


The political theater of the 2015 presidential election appears on an uptick going by the veiled mechanizations taking place within the promising mega merger between the Congress for Progressive Change [CPC], All Nigeria Peoples Party [ANPP] and Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN]. The merger had promised to dislodge the ruling party from the seat of presidential power in Abuja. And within months of its formation/merger, the party had managed to pose significant threat to the ruling party, the People Democratic Party [PDP] through sweeping and unprecedented defections across the political landscape of Nigeria – particularly within the National Assembly and the northern state assemblies.

Information recently made available to through sources within the All Progressive Congress [APC] indicates that not all is well within the party. According to a source, the merger may have been hurriedly put together with the passionate aim to dislodge President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan from the seat of presidency – that they overlooked critical details to the merger. The source pointed to such details as the ability to gel the various political camps into one – in order to – peacefully agree on a presidential candidate against the 2015 elections – that will match and defeat President Jonathan.

As could be recalled, General Buhari and Bola Tinubu were the public faces of the APC mega merger. Prior to the merger, Buhari had already gotten assurances from the principal factors within the mega merger – that he would present himself as the 2015 presidential candidate. But with the defection of more financial and political heavy weights from the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] into the APC, the assurances given to General Buhari turn a new dimension. With the defection of Governor Ameachi, Gov. Nyako, Abubakar Atiku and the pending defection of others – caused the likely presidential candidacy of General Buhari to become grimmer.

Available information indicates that a vocal but passionate minority without the APC have pledged to hoist General Buhari as the candidate of the party of else they abandon the party and join another party. This is while the more financial astute and political balanced majority of the APC point away from the likely candidacy of Buhari. To them, Buhari does not have the ‘pull’ to draw voters from beyond the Muslim north – a necessary requirement to defeat President Jonathan who enjoys a healthy popularity from the southern non-Muslim segment of the country. Their effort is to hoist a more acceptable northerner to the entire country. This effort has in effect divided the APC into near irreversible divide.

Our source indicates that Buhari remains defiant in manning the office of the Presidency through the APC – less he defects to another party. Already, agents of Buhari have open behind the doors talks with the leadership of the labor party. A chieftain of Labor party in Gombe confirmed to of the ongoing talks between the Buhari camp and the leaders of Labor party. The chieftain revealed that the talks have reached ‘actionable’ stages – and that a public announcement may be made soon – depending on the outcome of the squabbles within the APC.

Another source near Bola Tinubu pointed conformingly to the squabbles within the APC – as trouble waiting in a ‘storage cooler’. He called attention to the recent breakaway of one of the principal partners of the APC mega merger [Malam Ibrahim Shekarau former governor of Kano] as evidential of the impending implosion that awaits the new merger party. According to the source, Bola Tinubu had told Malam Shekarau to take a backseat to Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso – that “it takes money to run the party, you don’t’ have the money, Kwankwaso does”.

Following of Shekarau managed to impress on Bola Tinubu that the former Kano governor has considerable followership in the state and throughout the northern Nigeria but Bola Tinubu insisted that what the party need is money – not popularity. Bola Tinubu impressed upon Shekarau’s followers that he needs Kwankwaso to help build the party – through the financial resources available to him as the governor Kano. Shekarau and some of his supports were not happy to hear Bola Tinubu, so they defected from APC to PDP.

Our source indicated that more defection are on the way.



  1. If this is true, then I’ve lost all respect for Buhari. What he’s alleged to be doing is selfish and ignorant, he should look out for the country first. Nigeria needs two strong political parties of equal weight. How’s Labour Party going to help Buhari’s candidacy? Rubbish!!!

    • Very unfortunate how dubious journalist will sit down in their rooms and cook information that has no evidence of trueth and offer it to gullible Nigerian who is interested in such types of deceptive stories. Shekarau has no body in the North. Shekarau cannot help GEJ in any way. Buhari and Bola Tunubu has no any problems. APC in the North is very much ready to vote Ameachi or any member nominated by the party and Buhari is ready to do campaign for him

  2. Ha ha ha, the evil that men do….., He who killed with sword…… The northern political bottle neck is now taking the same coin. Let him go to his village and play his tricks, though its too much for him talkless of kaduna. The north should ditch Buhari cos he lacks genuine leadership qualities.


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