Abia 2015: Who Is Afraid Of Barr. F.N. Nwosu? – By Sam Esiaba

drainage in front Abia State Teaching Hospital Temporary site now cleared by asepa
drainage in front Abia State Teaching Hospital Temporary site now cleared by asepa
Abia State Government House entrance
Abia State Government House entrance

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As the 2015 general elections draws near, politicians have began to grab at straws to garner media attention to themselves by engaging venal journalists who write disparaging reports about rival aspirants.
In the Daily Independent newspaper of February 3, 2014, page 42, one Austin Oboh wrote a sardonic synopsis on some of the major contenders for the governorship ticket of the PDP in Abia state titled: “Abia 2015: In search of Orji’s Successor”. In the apparently sponsored piece aimed at portraying Barr. Friday Nwosu as being ‘too independent minded and disloyal’, the writer in his conspirational subterfuge glossed over the other aspirants with the veneer of similitude. Poised to position his sponsor as the heir-apparent, Oboh in his elimination by substitution method, went into a rambling rigmarole, repeatedly harping on his preference.
It would not have been necessary to dignify Oboh’s misrepresentations with an answer or a reply if it were not for the manifest bias in singling out Barr. Nwosu for such a slug. I know it is part of the grand conspiracy by the merchants of hate and political entrepreneurs who have been on the prowl for so long backbiting and blackmailing those perceived as emerging threats in the political landscape they have come to consider as their exclusive fiefdom. But the three questions which Oboh should ask the sponsors of his hatchet job are: Must you always program your accomplishments along the devious route of chicanery? How many people have you trampled upon and supplanted in your bid to hit the top? How far can this trademark underhand stratagem take you? The above questions are rather philosophical and should retain the mental focus of a reflective mind because nature, they say, is an accountant.
A cursory look at Oboh’s treatise laid bare the camouflaged intentions of the sponsor. Hear him, “The issue of loyalty is as strong as that of zoning among the considerations for a successor. But unfortunately, many of those being touted for the position at present are either politicians with doubtful loyalty or of completely different leadership orientation, among them those known to be independent minded but also inaccessible.”
The four way test of a worthy successor according to this writer here are loyalty, cognate leadership orientation, accessibility, and dependent mindedness (borrowed brain). The four way test was applied to Barr. Nwosu alone and as expected, he performed abysmally in all. So, it is clear that Oboh and his pay masters were all out to attack Barr. Nwosu’s personality. Oboh and the sponsors of his hatchet job must be reminded that loyalty is not shown by cringing and genuflecting; all in a bid to deceive people. Loyalty is not mouthed, it is action backed. Loyalty is shown by deceiving people to believe you. Genuine loyalty is demonstrated by commitment and action in support of a course. Surely, Barr. Nwosu has not been lacking in his loyalty and support to the Gov. Theodore Orji administration in Abia state. Barr. Nwosu has been very vocal in various newspapers, magazines as well as the online media in commending the Abia state governor for his many legacy projects and his avowed promise to hand over power to the Ukwa/ Ngwa zone in 2015. He put up a booklet cataloguing Gov. Orji’s legacy projects, at least to prove doubting Thomases wrong. No wonder, this may have attracted the envy of Oboh and his pay masters. Such hatchet jobs and hate campaigns cannot deter Barr. Nwosu from his support for Gov. Orji’s administration.
Oboh and pay masters must also be reminded that Nwosu is a promise keeper. He goes to any length in keeping faith with his avowals. It is this fidelity which accounts for the sustained deep interest his friends and associates have for him all over the country. Loyal is not mouthed. Loyal is not an enforced ceremony. Admiration feeds loyalty, and genuine loyalty flows from the heart of a grateful man. Today, Barr. Nwosu is proud of Gov. Orji for braving the fearful odds to restore Abia state to the path of sanity. Barr. Nwosu admires the governor for succeeding where his predecessors feared to tread. Barr. Nwosu is full of admiration for Ochendo’s large heartedness in willingly subscribing to the emergence of his successor for the Ukwa/Ngwa bloc in deference to his conscience. Abia has never been where we are today in terms of oneness and consultative good governance among different stakeholders of the state. If Barr. Nwosu becomes governor, contrary to the conspiracy in some quarters today; he will be ‘independent –minded’ enough to know where to pledge his loyalty. He is not exempted from being reasonable, as some aspirants would conveniently ascribe to themselves.
Abia is big enough for all Abians. Those who seek to run for public offices should face the challenge squarely and not seek to succeed through wear and tear, maligning and smearing others who are obviously more competent and acceptable than them both in character and knowledge. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.
Sam Esiaba, a public affairs commentator, writes from Aba, Abia state.


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