Chekwas Okorie Launches New Political Party, UPP


The imbroglio of internal squabbles within southeast based political parties appears to provide fertile grounds for the birth of new political parties. Information available to through sources close to the organizers of the new party, the United Progressive Party [UPP] indicates that Chekwas Okorie and his political team has finalized the arrangements for the birth of the new political party.

It is recalled that Chekwas Okorie formed the now embattled All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] following the messy political battles of the People Democratic Party [PDP] in south east Nigeria. Following the formation of the party [APGA], Ikemba Nnewi was recruited into the party and crowned the father of the party. Ikemba Nnewi became its first presidential candidate in 2003. In 2003, APGA won its first political office – the gubernatorial seat in Anambra State – in the person of Mr. Peter Obi. But Mr. Peter Obi did not mount the seat till March of 2006 following a tribunal ruling that ousted the then PDP governor, Dr. Chris Ngige.

Through the mechanizations of political tussles within the APGA, the founder of the party, Chekwas Okorie found himself tossed out of the party for reasons that remain foggy till date. Chekwas Okorie fought vehemently to return to the realm of affairs at the party but the resources to wage the battle against the new structure within the party proved insurmountable. Chekwas Okorie lost out. In talking to in a phone conversation, Chief Okorie stated that the “spirit that formed APGA has departed APGA” and that it has become “useless fighting for control of the party. The party has become adulterated”.

The founder of APGA noted that his earlier attempt to form United Progressive Peoples Alliance [UPGA] earlier in the year was scuttled by the chairman of APGA, Victor Umeh – through a petition to the INEC where a claim was put forth that the UPGA resembles APGA and would generate undue confusion among the citizenry. The petition also highlighted the logo of the party as being unpatriotic and near treason. The logo selected for the defunct attempt was that of a rising sun – depicting one of the striking emblems of the Biafran flag.

In this new effort, Chekwas Okorie noted that his team opted to do the ground work of launching a new party below the radar – to avoid likely obstructers. He disclosed that the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] has virtually completed registration of the new party – and that the INEC has visited their offices and has cleared them. The new logo, he adds, is “Isi Agu”. Isi Agu which means Tiger’s Head is reported to have deep historical connotations within the south east and south south in cultural context.

We intend to present a gubernatorial candidate in the 2014 Anambra electoral exercise”, said the founder of the party.



  1. If this is true then God has answered our prayers. Chekwas Okorie is one of the extremely few Igbo politicians that are genuine, credible, intelectual and fearless.

  2. More grease to your elbow Chekwas. Those who stole your party from you are beginning to realise that you can not make another man’s grown son your own no matter how much you try! Every honest person knows that Chekwas conceived APGA, gave birth to it, nurtured it through very difficult times, only for some shenanigans to push him aside and usurp leadership of the party. They dont have any vision for the party and can’t manage it because it didn’t belong to them in the first place. APGA is now in total disarray. Who says there isn’t a law of CAMA ?

  3. am very happy to see this……….. am a young man from idanre in ondo state of nigeria… i was once in PDP but now am ready out of it because my metion is not longer there. i am a youth co-odinator in my ward…. sir am ready to join u and bring this party to my state. here is my contact 08100813947

  4. Laudable. The quality of a Polital Party does not depend on the name but lies in the abilities and capabilities of the members to deliver Political dividends. I am strongly persuaded that Chief Chekwas Okorie; “oje Ozi Ndigbo” will perform. He floated APGA and gave it a name and shylucks invaded and poluted it. Now he floated UNITED PROGRESSIVE PARTY and I pray that the past will never repeat itself. Long Live Chekas. Long live UPP.

  5. I have never felt the way I feel now after reading that Chekwas has floated a new party for Ndi-igbo. I feel very strong about this and I will do everything within my capability to see this party succeed.

    Chekwas if you get a chance to read this, channel this party to grass root. From palm wine tappers to village market women to Okada ridders in every small towns to big cities igboland.

    I will design a t-shirt that will be used to sanitize all the commercial cities in igboland and make sure you work with any pressure group that has igbo interest at heart. I am with you 100%.

  6. The Igbo dream has manifested to reality. This is it – now it’s time for us all to support him and make it happen.

  7. Chief Chekwas Okorie, The good Lord will always be with you. You have salvaged the Igbo race before and I pray that you can do it again. More greese to your elbows. Thanks my good friend. Keep up with the good work. What God has given you no man can take it away from you. You have the guts and experience in this business. We all love you!!!

  8. i do appreciate your call and i wish to see you in my state one of this days…………… i believe that there is a race to run but i believe that we shall sure win the heart of people…….. long live UPP

  9. Goodluck my own mentor chief chekwas because of you i contested councillorship under APGA in item ward C in bende L.G.A OF abia state so i thank you and your team for making us stand on our feet again. Sir i will like you to use your office to appoint me as one of the executives in abia state chapter because we need to crate awareness to Abians sir. Thanks and God bless you daddy. Email : or call 08035509365.

  10. chief Chekwas Okorie is a dogged fighter. I can see that Nigeria needs the types of Chief Okorie to move the political landscape forward. I am dumping my political party for the masses oriented UPP. I shall be glad to receive Chief’s telephone number for further contact.My phone number is 08156388888


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