Bauchi Bomblast: JTF saw the suicide bomber


Information recently made available to through sources close to the security operations in Bauchi State indicates that the Joint Task Force [JTF] operatives may have seen the suicide bomber a day before the bomblast that occurred at a Winners Chapel located in the suburbs of Bauchi.

According to the information received, yesterday, the men of the JTF stationed at one of the entry points into the state stopped a transport mini bus at the checkpoint. JTF men were said to have noticed about 10 youths carrying empty containers of ‘turkey oil’. The small sized containers were said to be their only luggage in the bus believed to be transporting from across state lines.

The JTF suspected the group of ten youth to be odd and out of the ordinary. One of the JTF men in reaction dispatched a signal to the head command office – of what they had observer – and for a team to be assigned to monitor the activities of the 10youths in Bauchi. But as the head command office was alerted, the 10youths disembarked and ‘disappeared’.

The security operatives suspect the 10youth may have been the boom makers and executors of the suicide attack. That, they used the  empty turkey oil containers for bomb making. It is also on the security intelligence report that the suicide car bomber may have from Mubi, Adamawa State – where Nigeria shares a porous mountainous border with Cameroun.

Meanwhile the christain community in Bauchi State remain in shock.



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