The remnants of the bloody Sunday continue to linger as the community of Eju has begun to cry foul over the deadly plane crash. The aviation minister along with the top boss of the NCAA have held a meeting with the management of DANA Airways to detail out the way forward and to determined the causative factors to the crash.

The management of DANA Airways has told the Aviation Minister and the top boss of the NCAA that their operatives were already at the crash site in search of the blackbox. It is expected for the blackbox to be recovered today.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the Eju community have begun compilation of victims and other possible damages. According to eyewitness reports, the community leaders are said to have disagreed with the number of causaties quoted by the media. They stated that the number of casuaties were higher – that the Eju area where the plane landed is densely populated. And so the crash caused extensive damaged – that requires proper collation by the community leaders.

In a related development, expects have faulted the upkeep of the airbus as an official of Dana Airlines who does not want to be named  has just confirmed that the ill-fated Dana Air flight 0992, MC Donnell Douglas (MD 83) was faulty even before it took off from Abuja. She also claimed the flight has very recent history of problems and it was not supposed to have flown.

According to the official, “the plane has had problems that the airlines were aware and should not have flown but the owners insisted that the ill-fated flight must go ahead.

“The same plane had issues in Uyo, Calabar and Abuja over the last few weeks and even experienced issues yesterday morning.” Officials of Dana Air were advised earlier that the plane shouldn’t fly due to some faults noticed in it, but the Indian owners insisted that the air craft should fly.

Also, the Special Adviser, Technical to Minister of Aviation, Mr. Victor Oche Elias, has revealed that the pilot of the ill-fated plane, had alerted the aviation authority of the airport, on the emergency situation 11 nautical miles to landing. It was further disclosed that the pilot’s may-day cry was given priority, but the plane could not make it, as it crashed 4 nautical miles to landing. The MC Donnell Douglas MD 83 was sold to Dana Airline in 2009 by a US-based Alaska Airlines ahead of the airline, commencing its services in Nigeria.

247ureports learnt from one of the engineers  that the Dana Air flight to Abuja from Lagos suffered a serious mishap when one of its engines caught fire while airborne shortly after take-off following a loud slam. The pilot managed to land the aircraft safely after 15 minutes in the air.





  1. Unconfirmed reports had it since yesterday that the Mac Dönell Dana airbus had issues since last week.Yet it was compeled to fly by its Indian owners.we can deduce from this that theres no BODY in our air space management regulating anything.our leaders have indeed failed us.The need total cleansing by God and this He will surely do.TO the departed ones,may your gentle rest in peace,amen.

  2. One wonders what would happen next.i personaly feel d aviatn minister has faild nigerians.sanity has to be restored in d aviatn sector.imagine 2 nigerian planes d same day.how are we sure it is not d boko haram thing!i lost my uncle and inlaw to this insanity.dear uncle,may ur sovl rest in peace.amen

  3. Federal Ministry of Aviation website excerpt……..OUR VISION
    To be the best Aviation Industry in Africa and one
    of the best in the world
    To build a safe, secured and efficient aviation
    industry focused on making Nigeria a hub that
    meets International Standards and Best Practices
    for the African continent.
    The mandate of the Federal Ministry of Aviation is
    to formulate, update and implement the National
    Aviation Master Plan for the overall development
    of the aviation industry in the country. It is also to
    collect, store, analyze, and disseminate
    meteorological data to end users; install, maintain
    and upgrade equipment and infrastructure on
    timely basis and at all airports. To set and
    implement safety and security measures in the
    sector in line with the International Civil Aviation
    Organization (ICAO) standards, the World
    Meteorological Organization (WMO) requirements
    and recommended best practices for the
    enhancement of safety oversights. The Ministry’s
    mandate also extends to airports development
    and management, the provision of aviation
    security, and the improvement of airspace


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