Boko Haram Welcome Niger Delta Militants’ Warnings

Murdered in Jos

The recent uproar over the threat to the administration of the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan by the Islamic terrorist group, the boko haram, which resulted to counter threats / warnings from former Niger Delta militants challenging the Islamic group to consider a threat to the President of Nigeria a call to arms against the Islamic group  – has turned a new face.

Information available to through sources within the ranks of the Islamic group indicates that the leadership of the group are welcoming of the reactions by the militants of the Niger Delta. According to the source who spoke on the telephone to our correspondent, the response by the militants of the creeks plays into the plans of the Islamic group who intends to bring about unrest in the major sensitive regions of the country. In particular, the Islamic group points to the OPC of the south west and the militants of the south south geo-political regions as integral parts of the Islamic groups broad agenda to destabilize the Jonathan administration and by extension the country.

Agitations from the sensitive parts of the nation is anticipated by the group. They aim to induce aggravating conditions to precipitate retaliatory actions on the part of the many militant groups scattered across the nation. Specifically, the source reveals that the group is expecting that the likes of Asari Dokubo [whom they claim to know very well] to rise to action with arms. The group also pointed to Captain Mark Anthony of the Niger Delta Liberation Force [NDLF] as another expected ignition point.

Meanwhile, the Islamic terrorist group is reportedly engaged in massive movement of weapons and equipment of destruction in preparation for a heightened impact and frequency of attacks. This is according to a usually credible source. The source explained that the Islamic group is determined to show the international community its capability and access to sensitive targets in Nigeria.



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