SSS Nabs Boko Haram Spokesman


News report coming out of the BBC Africa indicates the State Security Services [SSS] of Nigeria has arrested Abul Qaqa, the spokesman of terrorist Islamic group, Boko Haram. The spokesman was arrested in Borno State yesterday.

Details are still sketchy. Efforts to confirm the arrest through the SSS office proved evasive.

However the Daily Trust Newspaper reports that a senior official of the SSS who does not want his name in print confirmed that Qaqa was arrested in Maiduguri on Tuesday.

Another officer of the SSS said the chief spokesman was tracked through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.
“It was a landmark feat that was achieved through collaboration with various stakeholders,” he said.

“Qaqa is a senior member of the Shura (Supreme Council) of the sect and his arrest is probably the biggest ever made by security forces since after the death of the leader of the sect Mohammed Yusuf in 2009,” the  SSS source said.

“We have finally picked him up and he is currently in our custody, you can report that as a confirmed development,” the source added.
A member of the sect, who called journalists in Maiduguri today but did not give his name also confirmed the arrest of  Qaqa, whom he said is one of their leaders.
“Yes, Mallam was picked yesterday,” the member said. “Some security officials traced the house where he stayed and picked him. There was no exchange of gunshots or any scuffle between our members and the security agents,” he said.

According to Reuters

Nigeria’s secret service on Wednesday arrested the spokesman for Boko Haram, who frequently made statements to the press after attacks by the violent Islamist sect, a security source told Reuters.
Boko Haram spokesman Abu Qaqa was arrested in the northern city of Kaduna in the early hours of the morning, said the source, who asked not to be named.
“We are still taking to him. Since ‘Abu Qaqa’ is a pseudonym for the Boko Haram spokesman, we want to be sure of who we have with us. But we have been on his trail for months now. He’s been changing locations and contacts”, the State Security Services (SSS) source said

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  1. What a drama,this one luk lyk a hausa drama.hw can we knw dat d arrested person is qaqa,cos no1 has eva saw him.this is wat we call police n sss story,blv me folks this is jst anoda conspiracy to point fingers at other ppl especially d northerners,bt we shall see.

  2. Am with u the first instance they made up a Abu qaqa that nobody knows and now the have got someone that nobody knows, this is really childs play.The sss are just trying to decieve pple just like the American FBI and CIA.

  3. For Christ sake Ola/Suleiman,what can someone do to satisfy human beings.These Nigeria Forces are trying.We should applaud them for work done.These risk their lives,leave their families to to go for this lion-skin assignment,and now we are sitting down talking trash.If you can not do,let others do.Let us pray for the better of the Nation.God Bless.

  4. The arrest is made now what next? that’s the question on board.what about their sponsors?Does it mean that all these arrest we hav been hearing about none of those arrested has been able to give information leading to their sponsors?Or is the Govt now afraid of them.All we pray for is Let there be peace in Nigeria and let those who enjoy shading innocent blood know it that the day of nemesis is around the corner,it can only be delayed but certainly not denied.


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