Boko Haram:150 Igbo Women & Children Depart Kano


Information available to from Sabon Gari, Kano indicate that two luxurious transport buses departed the city of Kano headed for the south east states loaded with children and women. The buses departed kano in the morning of February 7, 2012 from Sabon Gari, Kano. The buses were hired by the group – Igbo Elders.

According to available information, 150 women and children were rescued from the Igbo dominated community of Sabon Gari.

This was following outcries from community leaders of south east extraction based in Kano – of the imminent threat hanging over the people of south east origin. One of the leaders, Chief Tobias Idika who is the head of Ohaneze Kano State Chapter had rang the alarm for the south east governors to wake up and act to save the lifes of their indigenes.

The State governors of the south east in responding to the call told the people of south east extraction resident in Kano to remain in Kano – that the state governor had assured them adequate security for the Igbo indigenes in Kano. This was a resolution reached by the South East Governors Forum following a meeting at Enugu last week. For this reason, the state governors of the south east turned away from offering assistance to the “stranded” Igbos in Kano.

However,  rising to the call was the group, “Igbo Elders” who despatched two buses [God Bless Ezenwata Trans] to Kano State to rescue 150 women and children out of Kano State. The group is said to be prepping to despatch more buses to Kano to continue the rescue mission.

The current unfolding mass evacuation comes on the heels of the recent declaration by the governor of Imo State that no Igbo deaths were lost in the black friday attack – and that he has been assured that no Igbo life is at risk. And it appears the reality on ground differs.



  1. I will continue to say it, Igbos don’t have leaders or say Governors. How can a leader or rather leaders who call themselvers governors leak their salty tasted lips and encourage their kinsmen to remain in a volatile area like North. It is a disgrace, unfortunate and pathetic to have human race in a rat race.

  2. I can one Leader say no Igbo dies, who are now the victim? that is to tell us that we dont have leaders in this country, we only have Bold opportunist,crook that has little or no regards for life.


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