Our Position On Malam Ibrahim Shekarau [Sardaunan Kano]


Press Statement From ANCOPSS VETERANS

– We former National Executive Members of the All Nigeria Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools from 1986 to 1992 under the aegis of ANCOPSS ASSOCIATES are worthy and respected Nigerians from different states and parts of the Federation

– Most of us (all graduates and noble teachers of our time) first met at ANCOPSS in the middle 80s, and since then have been close together, one way or the other

– Malam Ibrahim Shekarau is one of us, and served two exemplary, and unprecedented non-corrupt consecutive terms as National President from 1986 to 1992

– We later formed ourselves into an Association drawing inspiration from Shekarau’s sterling leadership qualities.

– While some of us were Christians, others were Muslims, and as President, Malam Shekarau respected the belief, religion and culture of others.

– Because of our services as nation builders, very many of us have held key political, traditional and religious positions at local, state and national levels

– As senior citizens of this country, we are, therefore, disturbed at the ordeal to which Shekarau is now being subjected after giving Kano one of the unarguably most populous and volatile states in the federation, an uninterrupted two terms (8 years) peaceful and progressive governorship; and consequently want to state as follows:


1. As President of ANCOPSS for two unbroken consecutive terms, Shekarau did not at any time demonstrate any sign of religious fanatics or fundamentalism nor demonstrated any act of ethnicity. In fact at our meetings both at national executive committee meetings and national conferences,  opening and closing prayers were rotated between Christians and Muslims.


2. We moved our meetings from one state to the other and from one zone to the other to discuss key national issues on education, like when the 6334 was suddenly introduced into the unprepared system. Then Shekarau led us, as practitioners of education, to examine, proffer solutions and forward recommendation to the govt. for successful implementation.


3. On retirement, he contested election as governor of Kano State, won and served for 8 years ( two terms) of an unbroken, peaceful and progressive period. This was widely acknowledged by great Nigerians like the Nobel Laureate and critique, Professor Wole Soyinka, and the indomitable Ikemba Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.


4. On one of such occasions, he distributed to us copies of his book, My Vision, a 503-page book containing his policy thrust and philosophy, where his views, in particular on issues like Hisbah Board drawn up to assist the law enforcement agencies in intelligence gathering; the Office of the Special Adviser on Education to deal with the issues of the non-formal Almajiri education and their welfare; the Youth Development Directorate to give and train youth on self-reliant skills and trades; the Zakkat and Hubusi Commission to collect and disburse dues to orphans, widows and the less privileged in the State; the Anti Corruption and and Public Complaint Commission and many others were formulated and approved by the Kano State Assembly for use as vehicle for good governance.


5. That by faithfully pursuing a welfare policy as contained in this book, Kano State for 8 years witnessed an unbroken period of peace and progress devoid of religious uprising, intolerance and social upheavals.


6. With this performance, we were convinced, as he had earlier done at ANCOPSS national level, that he could replicate progress and peace at the national political level, and so we encouraged and supported him to seek the highest national political office in the land as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


7. We were all living witnesses that, throughout the electioneering period, his campaigns were based on issues. It is on record too, that his campaigns were violence-free. Even in the celebrated Presidential debate, he left no one in doubt that he was an intelligent gentleman, the one that could be described as the best President Nigeria did not vote for.


8. But like a good sportsman, he took his defeat with equal mind, and ever since has neither said nor done anything to warrant the treatment and name-calling to which he is being currently subjected.


9. Indeed, Malam is one rare Nigerian who should have been singled out for commendation, for not only keeping Kano, the most volatile state, peaceful and progressive for good eight years, but also offering himself to serve the nation, instead of being subjected to blackmail and witch-hunting.




This is a little of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, former first two-term ANCOPSS National President, former first two-term Governor of Kano State and ANPP Presidential Candidate, for you.




Chief AA Adelakun

South West Coordinator (Ibadan)


Sir AB Amiebenomo

South South Coordinator (Benin)


Monsignor Paul Amakiri

South East Coordinator (Mbaise)


Chief SO Aboyeji

North Central Coordinator (Ilorin)


Yusuf Ibrahim

North East Coordinator (Bauchi)


AbdulLahi Yunusa

North West Coordinator (Dutse)


Bayo Alao

Ex-officio Member (Osogbo)


Deacon Abioye

Secretary (Offa)


Basorun Seinde Arogbofa PEN

National Chairman/Chief Coordinator (Akure)


February 2, 2012




  1. Here We Go Again!in Nigeria, we politicise evrytin, even d national security issues???Now a group has come up in his defence! if the security agency kips quiet, we complain.Now thy’re dioing dia job, we wont let them be! Na wa o…

  2. Sure,knowing a person in d past is not enof 2 justify his present situation, all evil pple known n unknown av one way of d other bn good b4, even satan was d most beautiful angel n purest (ezek 28:11-15,isaiah 14:12-16),his rebelion against God most high made him driven frm heaven n bcame pure evil up til now, malam Ibrahim shekarau(ex-gov of kano) may b gud as his skul mates ar tryin 2 buy bak his already baterd image tru yeo-man’s job,d question dey shld ask him is that is he d shekarau dey knew b4 or has he metamorphosised in2 another? Cos politiks n religion has an unblivabu transfomin influence almost imediatly 4 gud or d worst, n he’s neck dip in d two,it is a known fact dat he’s an Izalatu member d most strict islamic sect who sees n cal other moslems as infidels,where all other deadliest group emerges, in kano few years ago wen i visited i was told even wit ur money in NTA u can’t air xtian program it’s a taboo tacticaly made, may b it has changed now,yan-dabba another dangerous sect ar in kano uptil now.Human life or flesh means nothin 2 dem as an initiation dey eat fresh heart of a cat n bcom heartless n so kiling, maiming slaughtering n even making suya of human flesh means nothing 2 dem, 4ma gov of kano may av changed overtime n needed 2 b undo,there ar uncontrolabu numbers of islamic sects who’s identity n operations ar known so dangerous dat dey determine weather peace wil reign or not that’s y most northern govs play along by bribing dem,d north is sandwich in d religion dat they av use all their might n resources 2 nuture, now they don’t know wot 2 do again it wil take anoda say 50yrs 2 gain bak d baterd image up 2 d western countries b4 they can recover genuinely.D world has bcom arena 4 positive or negativ transformation pple must check dem selvs at al times n find out if not goin 2 far,anyway am not concludin if d ex-gov is bad,but dat his schl mate find out frm him just incase 2 know where 2 start frm, I tink dis is a general case study 4 all n sundry.

    • Sammy or Tsami, the recently decended satan, the devilish evil preacher. You are too foolishly sentimental together with your brother tsani. If we are to talk based on your tunes (you tsami and tsani), what kind of stupidity, malaise, embarassment, torture, robbery and ardent killing in sagamu, lagos, sapele, igbo states, jos to mention but few has not been poured on the northerners in the south? Don’t we have mouth? Are we inhumans? Do you think we are rascals? Fortunately, peaceful approach was adopted. It is better you build your preaching on this peace building process to move our beloved country forward. And lets pray for our leaders to have the country in mind not in mouth so that we catch up with our former running mates (asian tigers, brazil,india and pakistan) in order realise our dreams. Pls let us put the peace of our nation in our minds through prayers and be patroitically hardworking in what ever we are doing to ascertain better result. By so doing others will have something to tell about us and even come out for our defence from which ever region once we are foolishly smeared.


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