Abia State Man Nabbed With Over 1.8kg Of Drugs Hidden In Tomato Paste

nzeka chika christian with the tin tomatos containing drug

A 26 year old suspected drug trafficker who claimed to be ignorant of death sentence for drug offences in Malaysia is being interrogated by anti-narcotic agents over unlawful exportation of 1.800kg of methamphetamine worth over 5 million naira. Officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) made the arrest at the weekend following the discovery of the drug inside tomato paste at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos, Nigeria. The drug was industrially packed in two 2 big tin tomato containers, clothes and foodstuff but was promptly detected during the outward screening of an Egypt Air flight.

nzeka chika christian's bag showing the tin tomatos containing drug

NDLEA Airport commander, Mr. Hamza Umar gave the name of the suspect, a 26 year old commercial motorcyclist also known as ‘Okada’rider in Okigwe, Imo State as Nzeka Chika Christian. According to Hamza, the suspect is currently being interrogated. “The two big tin tomato pastes with 1.8kg of methamphetamine were in Nzeka’s bag containing clothes and foodstuff like yams, rice, beans, garri and spaghetti. The food items were meant to distract officers from the tomato pastes” Hamza stated.

the drug inside the tomato paste

However, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade said that the mode of drug concealment is a pointer to the red alert declared on the Malaysia-Nigeria route at the nation’s airports. He also expressed concern over the fact that the suspect was going to Malaysia where drug offences attract death penalty. “This is an interesting seizure because it is not a commonplace concealment. The ingenuity of the mode of drug concealment is a reflection of the sophistry of the drug trafficking crime. I am glad that the arrest had prevented the execution of the suspect if he was caught in Malaysia” Giade stated.

The suspect disclosed that he is not aware that drug offenders in Malaysia are liable to death punishment and that his friend in Malaysia masterminded his involvement in drug trafficking. “I am a commercial motorcyclist in Okigwe, Imo State. I am not aware that drug offenders are subjected to capital punishment in Malaysia. I called my friend in Malaysia to assist me with capital to start business. He told me that he was going to make arrangement for me to join him in Malaysia and that was how it all started. He gave my number to his friend in Lagos who invited me and prepared my travel documents. The man I used to call Oga wanted to lodge me in a hotel in Lagos but I told him I prefer to stay in my church. I was in the church and my pastor prayed for me to have a successful trip though I did not discuss hard drug with my pastor. They gave me the drug and foodstuff and promised to pay me 2,500 dollars but unfortunately here I am today” he lamented.

nzeka chika christian with the 1.8kg meth hidden in tin tomato

Nzeka Chika Christian who hails from Umucheze in Abia State and grew up in Okigwe will soon be charged to court.



  1. Genius!! Always coming up with ways of transporting illegal substances. Why not use that same intelligence to come up with ways of solving the country’s economy?
    Which way Nigeria.


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