APGA Crisis: Fight Breaks Out In UK, Chekwas Okorie Attacked


Information available to 247ureports.com from sources in United Kingdom indicate that the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] crisis has reached the shores of the United Kingdom. This is as a physical brawl broke-out at the Bannister House Community Hall located along Hommerton High Street opposite Hommerton Hospital in Hackney where the founding Chairman of the APGA, Chekwas Okorie was scheduled to meet with a select group of Nigerians on Wednesday November 2, 2011 at 7pm.

According to the information gathered, Chekwas Okorie had arrived at the Bannister House Community Hall at approximately minutes past 8pm for the scheduled meeting. Okorie is said to have come to the event to address the private audience of the ongoing crisis in APGA and the solutions.

However, followers of Victor Umeh faction of APGA had other plans. In their take, Chekwas Okorie’s continued struggle to for the seat of Chairman signifies betrayal particularly since they understand that Chekwas Okorie had offered the APGA gubernatorial ticket to Dr. Chris Ngige – during the period Mr. Peter Obi was deep in battle for his mandate at the tribunal. 

To this end, members of the Victor Umeh group of APGA in the United Kingdom, prior to Chekwas Okorie’s arrival, had set up camp nearby the location in preps “to harrass and disorganize” Chekwas Okorie and his continued claim as Chairman of APGA. This effort was championed by the executive members of the newly formed UK Chapter of APGA that was launched by Chief Victor Umeh in late September 2011.

As Chief Okorie arrived, the Victor Umeh group throoped behind him into the Hall and were immediately seated. As Okorie rose to address the seated audience, like clockwork, the Victor Umeh group took to action.

They began with hauling of accusatory questions [at him] – of offering to sell the party to Dr. Chris Ngige – of which Chekwas Okorie was quoted as saying in response that he will give Ngige the APGA ticket when the Supreme Courts returns his mandate later in November 2011.  

The group sustained their effort to deny Okorie the opportunity to address the audience. The event, as a result as turned into a ruckus as the two groups began exchange of words, that quickly resulted to a brawl of fists and flying chairs. Chekwas Okorie was attacked but did not sustain injuries.

The event was organized for Chekwas Okorie by Nnamdi Kanu. The organizer of the Victor Umeh group was Onyeka Mbaso. 

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  1. Who the hell is this trouble shooter with a funny name chekwas okorie?Mr,this is a country of law and order.If you are here to set up a fight among brother’s,please get going or else you end up in the hands of the law enforcement or a citizen arrest carried out.Enjoy your stay.

  2. Mr.Ben please correct yourself,in Nigeria where i come from and those in diaspora,its only few funny once who are in the minority that behaves like the so called chekwas and his bunch of ex419 gangsters who left Nigeria as a result of the downfall of IKIRI and some other dirty governments.It took Tunisia for the world to wake up.Even Gov Okorocha of Imo State doubted the revolution that brought him to power.Here in the western world we do not accommodate such behavior and i hope that chekwas and his gangster boys now knows that all eyes are on them.

  3. Hehehee,Nigerians are talking.Please and please arise oh compatriots let us get the nation back on track.This is time and this is our time.People like Chief Chekwas Okorie should be ashamed of himself to have gone abroad to disgrace himself.Let them arrest him over there.Shameless man who messed up his party,got dismissed and still fighting to brake up the party.Shameless bodyguard of Ngige and some other noise makers in and around the Igbo circle.Shameless dirty old and expired politician who did every underground work to set up confusion,factions and trouble in the peaceful home of the APGA family both home and in diaspora.Shameless noise maker who did every trick to get Umeh,Obi and okorocha into the dirty boxing ring but the good spirit of our grandfathers,the spirit of those that died to keep the Igbo flag flying and those still fighting and are ready to join the people of Libya and the other once to say enough,these spirits brought sense of unity and co-operation amongst these true Igbo leaders.We are proud of them and a very big shame to the devil and his men both at home and in diaspora.Long live Chief Odimegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu and long live my people

  4. Why is that African Leaders alway cling to power, this is not about who formed the party, but about growth. you have to let go Chief Chekwa, APGA is not your fathers property any more, it has grown from that strenght to another level simply because it has become a national party.

    You can not impose yourself on us, thank you so much for all your contribution to the growth of the party, but hey” its time tyo smell the coufin unless you want to end up like Gadaffi.

    Support Victor Ume thats all it take for progress and sustainability of the our Great party. Kokorokooo, bike zaa ya.”””””


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