2015: Aso Villa A Mystery For Ndigbo – Orji Uzor Kalu

Four distant years to the next Presidential elections,former Abia state governor Orji Uzor Kalu Tuesday flashed a Yellow card to individuals preparing for the the plum job, warning that Aso Villa remained a mystery to men of ambition.
Kalu disclosed that in democratic Nigeria,no President ever planned to rule until providence changed the course of history.
He said,”The best way to lose the position is to plan for it.General Olusegun Obasanjo was picked from maximum detention to monumental attention in 1999.Alhaji Umaru Yar’adua thought of retirement before a higher rating came in 2007.Dr. Goodluck Jonathan hardly settled down as Vice President when death rejigged his position in 2010.All these men virtually got the job on a platter of gold.”
In explaining the uncanny mood of Aso Villa,the former governor added that the country’s first Executive President Alhaji Shehu Shagari was ousted while on holidays in Abuja barely three months into his second term.
“Shagari’s second term ambition died with the December 31,1983 coup.It also took the life of Brigadier Ibrahim Bako and detention of Guards Brigade Commander Col.Mohammed Bello Kaliel.Since that period,ambitious civilians have never been so lucky to win elections to the Villa”, Kalu explained.
The ex-governor also played with the word “Aso” as he advised those angling for the position to learn from history.
“Aso is the Gwari word for victory.So whoever goes to The Villa is a winner.It also means abomination in some parts of Igboland where it serves as name.In Yoruba it could stand for dress.For those who want to earn victory in 2015,it is abominable to begin a dress rehearsal now.Patience is the name of the game.And after Goodluck,let us all like Ndigbo, wait for the hand of God,”Kalu summed up.


  1. Orji,Orji,Orji my good friend and school mate(Umuahian 3in1),it’s never workable for one to be a problem and a solution at the same time.Imambu ogbenye we burukwa amunsu.It’s unfortunate that people like you and IKIRI rushed your political carriers and are finished.With all due respect,in a decent democracy and seeing what is going on in the Arab world,you guys should go underground,shut up and enjoy your dirty money.Do not mess around with the masses,never again.They have regained their sight and are no longer blind.They can now shout and not only talk and are now being listened to.Now keep your advice and opinion on how to get to Aso Rock and its meaning to yourselves and the people navigate ok.This is also time for every Nigerian politician to think twice before messing around with the people,the young democracy and our national cake.EFCC what’s going on?Mr President please do not slow them down or else we hold you responsible.Catch them or should i say RIBADU them and quickly recover our stolen money.

  2. Mazi Kanunta what’s your problem?Are you one of those 419 boys that assisted those bad governments in Nigeria in looting the national wealth and reintroduced crime that was washed away with the downfall of IBB.Well,you must be ashamed of yourselves and please stay away from those governing and their party structures.Do not name yourself Ghadafi,Saddam,Abacha,Mubarak or even Ikiri because you know what’s up.This is a new Nigeria and a new world order,we will nail you.This warning also goes to all those in power,we are watching you.

  3. Ok, let say I am not a schoolmate of Dr orji Kalu or even from Abia but there is truth in his advice.Obviously he has used the past couple of years he has been politically dormant to reflect on the political trend in nigeria.I do agree with him on this one .He is damn correct.He must have realized that he threw abia state under the buse before he left the government house.Leaders are not only measured by what they achieved while in office but they are also judged by what and who they left behind.He ruled Abia for 8 good years but left it in the hands of a buffoon and kinappers.


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