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Governor Bala Mohammed: Between Right Of Way And Rights Of people – By Garba Adamu Gwangwangwan 



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Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has found himself at a crossroads between prioritizing the right of way on developmental projects and safeguarding the rights of the people affected by such projects. In navigating this delicate balance, he faces the challenge of ensuring sustainable development while upholding the welfare and interests of the populace which are the critical components in ensuring his success during the 2023 general elections.
Nevertheless, the right of way is crucial for the implementation of infrastructural projects that are vital for the economic growth and social progress of the state. These projects may include roads, beautification of street by planting three or flours as, pipelines, and other public utilities. Governor Mohammed, like many other leaders, recognizes these onerous importance attached to the  creating an enabling environment for investment and development initiatives to thrive. Without adequate right of way, the execution of these projects could be severely hindered, leading to delays, increased costs, and missed opportunities for progress.
However, on the other hand, the right of the people to fair treatment, compensation, and participation in decision-making processes cannot be disregarded. Development projects often require the acquisition of land or displacement of communities, people who are affected by said development projects which can have significant impacts on the lives and livelihoods of the affected individuals and communities. Government must ensure that the rights of these people are respected and protected throughout the project implementation process.
Other people are of the views that  demolition and arbitrary removing of shops mostly containers and tent erected by  petty traders, Akara and pap joint as well as roads side mechanics, balkanizer to mention but a few who are not opportune to be among the selected few government upper them the job decided not to venture in to any act that tantamount to destroy their lives, It is a misguided initiative that could lead to disastrous consequences on the lives of Bauchi citizens hardworking men and women who now surviving on their meager earning to sustain their lives and the immediate family members not along other pressing demand.
To strike a balance between the right of way and the right of the people, the present administration must adopt a transparent and consultative approach. This involves engaging with affected communities from the outset, providing them with adequate information about the projects, and seeking their input and feedback. By involving the people in the decision-making process can ensure that their concerns and interests are taken into account and addressed to the extent possible.
Furthermore, the Bauchi state government should prioritize fair and just compensation for those affected by development projects. This includes not only monetary compensation for land acquisition but also support for livelihood restoration and alternative housing arrangements where necessary. By providing adequate compensation, can mitigate the adverse impacts of project implementation on the affected individuals and communities.
Additionally, the present administration should consider one thing which warrant the people to make some makeshift, tent and containers at right of way which is the present economic hardship that keeps on biting people just as bush fire that has no any solutions at the sight. Majority of those erected their shops for business at roads side are youths both Men and women and retiring civil servant that government failed to pay them their entitlement after  serving the state meritoriously.
What baffles  majority of the  affected people is weather the removal of tent and shops on right of way is only limited to Bauchi metropolis or will be extended to major cities across the twenty local government areas of the state, while those with containers that there were asked to remove them without any prior notice neither compensation. at this juncture, I’m appealing to Bauchi state government to have a rethink on some of these kind policies and  that have cripple their business of it citizens and remains in visual cycle of poverty.
Agreed, the Bauchi state government has  the legal right to proclaim land   when  the need arises but  it is certain that were developmental projects that is  meant for the socio economic well-being of it’s citizenry, in the other way round  the road or market construction make people to suffer without  any compensate them with kindness and fairness it negate the social contract theory.
Garba Adamu Gwangwangwan wrote from Bauchi local government, Bauchi state. adamugarba0079@gmail.com.

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