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BAUCHI: Expecting Dogara to solve APC’s disunity in the State is like asking a fox to guard the henhouse – he’s inherently part of the issue! – By Mustapha Gangare



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Former speaker Yakubu Dogara, was a known stalwart of the All Progressives Congress (APC) before the presidential primary of the ruling party. The former speaker was one of those who strongly opposed the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the party and subsequently went public to endorse the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar against APC’s Bola Tinubu.

Therefore, how can a such person who antagonize and fought APC Rigorously with all his arsenal and busted that “he doesn’t belongs to any political party for now that I only supported candidates Across party lines for electives position-via Channels Tv”

Why would Same (political Nomad) suddenly wake up overnight and initiate reconciliation efforts after his prolonged disappearance from the party activities what a nightmare!

First and foremost, Dogara must apologize for his previous misguided remarks against the party and for disrespecting President Tinubu’s sensibilities, as he has also become a significant issue within the party, this is a thing of concern not “surprise come back” because as it is the Former speaker lack the audacity, and effrontery to call An Apc stakeholders meeting at anywhere in Nigeria because he didn’t return to the party officially from his Anti-party Activities.

To highlights and traced some of the issues of Bauchi state all progressive Congress (APC) particularly, Anti-party Operations that is inherently afflicted by disloyal actions against the party today’s and it naturally enduring the consequences of anti-party behaviors by some of its political Opportunist this has begun during the reigns of M.A Abubakar seeking reelection in 2019 as a Bauchi governor when he was given a waiver by the then national chairman of the ruling APC “Comrade Adams Aliyu Ashiomhole” to runs second team despite uproar of non conduct non existent record of party primary elections in the state. That was how the argument triggered amongst the contestants the likes of Dr Yakubu Lame, Captain Bala Jibrin, Hon Minister Muhammad Ali pate and So on

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Soon after they realized the

Foul play by the then state APC leadership under Uba-Nana, as well as detecting a gross unfairness move by M.A. Abubakar all came out to hold a press compress and appeal for the party to uphold principles of fairness, justice, honesty, and impartiality or there would be significant challenges and consequences in the future “they Warned”

But due to the nonchalant attitude of the party towards tackling the issues headlong of these ugly scenarios by restoring a quick normalcy and stability amongst the aspirants then, But they rather. makes it looked a ‘Satire case’ and that inactions caused the party to lose the Governorship seat to PDP woefully. and the loss has inevitably plunged us into the current state of significant discord, disharmony and disloyalty we faced today. This reminds me of one Hausa adage’ “the eyes that refused to hear wouldn’t refuse to see” although Dogara does not support M.A. second bid but today M.A Abubakar team are also not align themselves with this reconciliation move under the “intruder” that’s

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“Karma is fighting back” the repercussions is catching up!

So, therefore, when Dogara is spewed all these in the past i.e “I doesn’t belongs to any political party that I’m only out to support candidates of my choice Across party lines” freely doing so, and all forms of Anti-party bidding without predictability or seeing coming of a day likes this that he would re-enters the party ’such unstable characters’ and political Wanderer, who is prone to change at any time cannot be allowed to takes reintegration into this party without any due diligence if we’re to tell ourselves the hard truth, that can’t be done overnights for fair of political Opportunist and Schemer”

Hence the need for the party to adopt a proactive approach and address the issues directly rather than being nonchalant and relaxed. However, in BAUCHI. APC can only bounce from its failure and weaknesses to the path of victory when the demigods stop the Superiority complex and allow true party faithful including Youths with track records of integrity, and fairness to come and foster open communication channels for peace talk.

Mustapha Gangare, writes from Bauchi Could be reached at 07065158098/gangaremusty@gmail.com

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