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Dam Zango And Matters Arising In The Contemporary Film Industry – By Usman Abdullahi Koli, ANIPR



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The Hausa cinematic industry has been in existence from time immemorial. It started as stage dramas mostly performed during festivities in the 80s, but gradually metamorphosed to what is obtainable now. Kannywood is a term coined from Hausa films produced in Kano State of Northern Nigeria. Some states like Kaduna and Jos also make Hausa movies, but they are not as popular as those in Kano. Talented individuals and groups have contributed to the development and set unforgettable milestones in Kannywood. One of such persons is Adamu Abdullahi Zango, also known as Prince Zango. Adam has been acting in Hausa films for over 20 years. He is one of the pioneering cast members of many ancient movies. Zango is a multi-skilled individual as he acts, sings, produces, and directs films while at the same time introducing new faces to the screens.


However, despite the immense contributions of Adam Zango, he has been a victim of accusations, controversies, and rumors, but they all turned out to be a bunch of false claims in the end. One of the major problems dragging the Hausa film industry aback is enmity. No matter how talented an actor is, if he is not in the circle of those who consider themselves owners of the industry or if their stardom is at its peak, he or she is always considered worthless. An adage states that “united we stand, divided we fall.” The level of unity and support for one another in Kannywood is below expectation. It is only in Kannywood that actors receive financial support when they come out crying in videos, exposing what they are going through. Such behavior is contrary to other entertainment industries, where actors and actresses frequently check on colleagues and offer helping hands without disseminating the act on social media.


Some years ago, in his philanthropic effort to give back to society, Zango promised to give out millions of Nairas to orphans in Kaduna. People from the industry and outside started saying that he could only make promises without implementing them. This among other factors contributed immensely to the current reality Zango is facing in the industry. People don’t usually appreciate him or keep quiet about issues that affect him directly, turning his life into a topic of discussion every single time. Adam was not given the opportunity to attend higher education, but his zeal to actualize the ambitions of young people inspired him to sponsor a high number in Kaduna, Jos, and Kano States. The possession of assets, valuables, and material things by all those who work in WhiteHouse Family, an entertainment venture owned by Zango, is a testimony that he is full of kindness, selflessness, open-mindedness, and what he has never makes him proud.

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What Zango is currently going through, I don’t see it as depression, as claimed by many. There are people he wholeheartedly helped and trusted but turned against him. Additionally, he is facing a lot of troubles on social media from those who dislike him, always fabricating lies against him. Yes, silence is not gold. He is supposed to speak up in his defense, since no one is willing to stand up for him. The best one could do for the woman he loves is to marry and confide in her. What kills faster than a bullet is betrayal from a life partner, and the bond of trust ends without a second thought. Many accused Zango of frequent marriages and serving his wives with hot breakfast (divorce) in short periods. As revealed by him, the truth of the matter is that most times, the failure of the wives to be submissive, respectful, and faithful as enshrined by our religion. Zango has been hiding the facts about what led him to divorce his wives from public space, but the ranting from near and far is unbecoming and unbearable. He has decided to let the hen out of the cage. Frankly, keeping some issues hidden is better, as exposing them is like adding salt to an injury.


Furthermore, most of the films produced by Zango were created by local writers, not copies of Bollywood or Hollywood stories. The films contributed to the portrayal of real Hausa norms and values, cultures and traditions, dressings and foods, shelters and festivals, while maintaining the religious injunctions. The languages being used are authentic Hausa, alongside idioms, styles, and proverbs, making it easier for children to learn. Despite dressing in Western attires in some movies, Zango still maintains the moral compass of Hausa and Islam. Factually, nobody can boldly point out where Adam is seen in a fantasy scene with women in films. Other characters have done worse than what Zango did in movies and feel that doing so is normal, without minding the repercussions on their families or people who took them as role models. By the way, who is morally upright in Kannywood?

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In summary, I have been an advocate for Kannywood, as I have written about misunderstandings between Rarara and former Governor Ganduje, the decision of MOPPAN to dismiss Rahama Sadau, among other topics in the Hausa entertainment industry. It should be noted that stakeholders and characters in Kannywood should see themselves as one family because commendation to one affects the rest and vice versa. People need to reciprocate kindness with kindness. Fans and mentees of artists should learn to respect each other by supporting themselves and resolving issues through dialogue.


Adam Zango needs to control himself, especially in moments of anger, and stop making decisions at those times. He has faced worse situations before and stood strong. He can do it again. Let him consult relatives and trusted friends before taking any bold steps in his life. Finally, as a celebrity and a mirror to a limitless number of people, Adam Zango should ignore the negative comments, criticisms, disrespectful, and abusive words of followers on social media platforms. If he gives them no time to reply, they would have no choice but to stop. Kannywood has never had a gifted actor like Adam Zango in its history. He should cherish the God-given talent and be more focused, optimistic, and keep pouring out the best in him in both acting and music. Anything related to his personal life should be private, as antagonists always look for weak points or where he does wrong to attack him. He should keep in mind that he is a son, father, and someone others look up to. His words and actions, whether good or bad, would be replicated by them.


Usman Abdullahi Koli,


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