Malami’s vagabond  foresight

– By Usman Duguri
Until 2022 when President Muhammadu Buhari enacted the amended electoral law that unveiled hidden plans of some adversaries, vagabonds and rogues who overtime presents themselves as leaders or representatives at various level of governance whilst others hide under the banner of honesty and integrity and in reality they are visionless and venom to the governed they keep deceiving during electioneering time. The likes of attorney general of the federation brought president Buhari’s integrity in question to many people including the international community who sees him as an exceptional person who doesn’t support corruption at any cost nor allow any one close to him to engage in any form of corruption; that record gave him the sympathy and love from all and sundry to his eventual victory as dully elected president of Nigeria for a two consecutive session at the time the country is in near despair due to quantum of Malami’s evil like-minds who are not greed or selfish but a catastrophe and dubious in their acts of service to the country they pretend to be doing.
As destined by Allah, Malami’s would be attorney general of Nigeria under the Buhari’s failed government  that make corruption its major Planck after with pride especially Abubakar Malami, san opportunistic person with multiple strategy of hitting his target in everything he ought to achieve in life especially supremacy and money that is why is representation at the national executive  council that set up a disastrous record worthy of commendation from a patriots, who cherished the effort of the founding fathers of Nigeria, as plan of his modus operandi, Abubakar Malami SAN, began by a drama- like trick with the nation’s colossal  funds of various drive.
 In his series of activities, even as the APC government under Mr. Buhari is fooling Nigerians that it is fighting corruption at a time instances of corrupt enrichment by political and public office holders under him was taken to the next level, the development was confirmed by reckless and insensitive display of affluence in the distribution of exotic cars and money to politicians that runs into billions of naira, targeting another political opportunity to whisk away public patrimony, Malami branded himself and his itchy-minded clowns walking for his to be the governor of Kebbi State that is in a COMA due to aggravated corruption and negligence by Governor Bagudu and his kith and kins.
The doling out of cars and huge sums of money by Malami was perfectly done before the pressure mounted on president Buhari to sing the long awaited electoral bill that aptly stop Malami from his governorship dream, instead he decide to bury his ambition for another achievements of marrying the presidents’ daughter secretly for a better cover-up after a must awaiting vacating of office next year god willing. The newly married Buhari’s daughter is a mother of many children, which lucidly explains his feat of waiver if the anti-graft agencies prepare to invites for the multiple shoddy deals he engaged himself unto that will surely breed sooner or later.
 This medium discovered that Abubakar Malami was in serious dilemma over the presidential order to resign if you are to contest, Malami  greedy enough and is unwilling to go because of the enormous favors and powers attached to his offices,  hence considered the painful option to remain as cabinet minister of the failed government that has less than a year  so as to have the monopoly of managing the 2022 budget and other resources and benefits  attach to his officehe sequentially  accused of abusing and making billions of naira through corrupt practices and  undue favors through proxies to his biological children and allies.The display of proceeds of corruption and diversion of public funds by Malami is uncalled for at the time when students of Nigerian universities are spending close to a year at home due to inability and wickedness  of the government he is misguiding and severally proud to be among the top musketeers  and at a time many citizens are in captivity of the dreaded Boko-haram terrorists and  bandits including  Yauri school boys, chibok girls,  Abuja/Kaduna train victims and lot of thousands while many are left at the mercy of decayed and unequipped public hospitals in his own Kebbi state he is enjoying its quota at the federal executive council  for years and destroyed healthcare centers  with treatable and preventive sicknesses killing them.
Credible inside sources that contacted our correspondent penultimate week came with certain documents and claims which  are strong evidence to suggest that the overnight billionaire Attorney General and Minister for Justice who acquired  various properties within and outside the country with the proceeds of the nation that is battling with extreme poverty.  The documents also show his owns properties in Kebbi, Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos some with bogus names to cover.
The nagging questions expected from Nigerians from the planned Son and Father (President Muhammadu Buhari and Abubakar Malami) are on multiple unforgettable scandals are;
1.The stand of  Malami in the conspired  of over diverting over $1bn malabu oil scam with former attorney general Adoke under the government they severally painted black before taking power with bogus promised to utilize the proceed judiciously; but, in disguise its personally siphoned against the interest of the people.
2. The outcome of the House of Representatives ad hoc committee proving the status of recovered loot queried, which the  Panel says the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) illegally paid 2bn naira to Malami from recovered loot. They also tackled the minister of Justice for allegedly requesting payment of approved solicitors’ fees from the recovered loots.  The chairman of the committee Adejoro Adeogun said “the attorney general of the federation is requesting payment of approved solicitors’ fees. You see. You are asking for solicitors fees from recovered funds account. I don’t think it is proper; that is what we are talking about. The chairman said the question I want to ask is regards to the payment of 2 Billion which the minister of Justice received for the prosecution of terrorists suspect. Was it supposed to come from the (recovered funds) account or should it have been part of the budgetary spending?
3. Why did  Malami denied making specific request from the recovered loots, despite the obtainable fact,  he did not denied receiving the said 2bn from the CBN?
4. In spite concerted efforts and modalities by patriotic lawyers that worked in 2018, on various in recovered Abacha loot.  Malami swiftly facilitates and ensured the removal or deduction of $16.4 million under the bogus concept of 10% commission for himself through his cronies. Can Malami explain the whereabouts of the money now?
5. Why did Malami   in  2019, withdrew 25bn criminal charges against alleged corrupt Senator Danjuma Goje in favor of Ahmed Lawal’s ambition over the nation’s interest?
6. Why did  Malami in Junethe year  2020, withdrew criminal charges against heartless killer soldier who were charged alongside kidnap kingpin Wadume ?
7. Why the impromptu marriage of prrsident buhari’s daughter at the verge of finishing the government he contributed to its failure from the onset to date. ?
To be continued next week on the quagmires and the sets of plans for exile after vacating office


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