Al’ameen cautions Nigerians against misusing June 12th lessons


From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

A one time gubernatorial aspirant under the platform of All Progressive Congress APC in Bauchi State Alhaji Al’ameen Sani Muhammad has cautioned Nigerians against misusing the benefits of June 12 as Democracy Day.

Al’ameen stated this in a statement he distributed to reporters in Bauchi, He said ” I want to congratulate Nigerians on auspicious great day of democracy and I want remind Nigerians that apart from honoring the sacrifices of Nigerians who fought for the return to democracy, June 12 was also to demonstrate the commitment of every civilian administrations to satisfy the aspirations of the people and creating an environment for democracy to be an accepted way of life, but in Nigeria of today nearly opposite is the case”

Al’ameen said Both leaders and followers are showing undemocratic habits, because poverty ,insecurity, unemployment, corruption ,lack of basic infrastructures and many problems and challenges slowdown the development of the country. He said Nigerians must be ready to play their part by getting involved at any level they can by supporting a democratic system that works for all and not for a section or a select few and demand accountability from their elected leaders. Al’ameen said , “today our leaders must show commitment to bequeathing a sustainable democratic culture remains resolute, and a pursuit of a fair society remains unshaken “It was a pattern that made mockery of the fabled fault-lines and viviparous tendencies of the Nigerian federation and projected a nation united behind a popular leader.

Al’ameen advised Nigerians to use the opportunity it presents for realizing a truly democratic government that approximates the yearnings and aspirations of the people for a leader that will lead them to the Promised Land of security and life more abundant A government with a human face that represents the aspirations and symbolism of June 12, a government that also got a pan-Nigerian mandate that once again defied the divisions in our country.

He said Nigerians needs a democratic leader that represents hope for change and national rebirth., a leader that will lead us to the Promised Land,” Al’ameen averred that democracy remained the best form of government anywhere in the world despite any imperfections it was the form of government that allowed the people to choose whoever they wanted to lead them. He stated that one of its safety catches remained the opportunity to correct any mistake through the ballots, it’s now the time has come that Nigerians should work to make democracy meaningful and impactful by electing good leaders.

“leaders that will make Every policy every decision they will take is to further the peoples’ interest and lift them from the morass of hopelessness, helplessness, dejection, poverty and ignorance into the cape of peace, security, prosperity and abundant life.

“leaders that will revived education with new schools, free meals, free school uniforms, improved infrastructure, motivation for teachers and so on. Leader that will boost and encouraged agriculture, made food to be abundantly available and made farmers to be prosperous. create tens of thousands of jobs directly and indirectly at least a leader that will deepened democracy.



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