2023: You May Get Christian Protest Votes If You Field Muslim-Muslim Presidential Ticket,  Bishop Ransom Bello Warns Political Parties


Foremost Christian leader and General Overseer of Calvary Life Assembly International, Bishop (Dr.) Ransom Bello, on Thursday, in Kano,  declared that any political party that presented Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket ahead of 2023  presidential election may face huge protest votes from Christians in Nigeria.

Bishop Bello who spoke to journalists at his residence in Kano, insisted that in Nigeria of today,  issues such as religious cum ethnic sentiments must be considered, while choosing the country’s drivers in Aso Rock.

According  to him,  “we should reflect on the present state of Nigeria.  We should reflect on the divisions on ethno-religious lines which have manifested more than ever before.

“The level of intolerance is more now than I have ever witnessed. The level of nepotism which the present government has manifested has reached to uncontrollable proportion.

“The mutual suspicion and distrust have eaten deep into the borne marrows of the people of this country from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.

“These are the premises that should form the basis of decisions and our choices for cause of actions while choosing leaders,  particularly,  at the national level.”

The immediate-past chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),  Kano branch further stated that,  “my humble opinion is that the Muslim-Muslim ticket, and or Christian-Christain ticket in Nigeria, could be provocative, insensitive and totally unacceptable.”

The former Vice President (North-West),  Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), added that,  “in my personal view,  which is in line with the views of CAN national leadership and other Christian bodies,  including the Catholic Secretariat,  for the purpose of unity, the principles of justice and equity, all political parties should maintain a religious balance.”

Bishop Bello, who is now a member, National Advisory Council of PFN, insisted that, “if any party breaks these principles of equity and justice,  we will leave the decision to the hands of Nigerians.

“But,  definitely,  any party which does that may suffer a huge protest votes from the Christians in Nigeria,  because it is a direct affront to the Christian body. It is a spite!

“Fairly speaking,  I believe that Christians in Nigeria form over 50 per cent of the population.”

Taking a swipe at Christian politicians who align themselves with the muted Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket,  Bishop Bello said: “well,  I am aware that there  are notably respected Christian political leaders who have divergent views on this very critical issue.  They are entitled to their opinion.

“I make bold to say that many of these Christian political leaders only speak for their selfish interest, and they are highly inconsistent.”

However,  Bishop Bello said:  “Let me say that there is a striking difference between what we want and what is right.  As patriotic Nigerians,  we should always focus on what is right, and not what is going to benefit our selfish interest.

“Our pretense in this country,  especially  by the elite, is not helping Nigeria and Nigerians. What we need is to think about the unity of this country.  We need to think about the principles of Federal Character.  We need to think about religious diversity.

“I always pray for one and indivisible Nigeria.  But we must do the right thing.”



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