2023: Orji Kalu: Northern youths flood Bauchi with posters


From Ahmad SAKA,

 Bauchi Northern Youth Movement for Orji Kalu a political support group for the former Abia State Governor Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has pasted the posters of support Kalu for President 2023 along Major streets and houses in Bauchi State. Pasting the posters is coming few weeks some Northern youths took Kalu to Bauchi State High Court asked the Court to compel him to contest for President 2023.

Residents of Bauchi The state capital wake up in the morning seeing Kalu posters every where with a call to support for a detribalised Nigerian president who can unite the country and save the country from imminent disintegration, The posters were sighted in Emirs Palace round about, CentralMarket, Awalah , fire service , jos road and several other roads abd houses in the stare. The group called Kalu the best presidential material in 2023, urging the ruling All Progressives Congress to commence a process of adopting him as the sole candidate of the party. Because of his Kalu’s managerial skill, experience and national appeal put him in the best position to rule Nigeria in 2023. They said: “This may sound odd in the eyes of Nigerians especially those nursing the intention to run for the number one seat in the land, be that as it may, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu’s acceptability demonstrates the settled resolve of the youths in the 19 Northern states to support him succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

Effort to get to speak to the Public Relations Officer of the All Progressives Congress Aliyu Jalla failed an official of the party who doesn’t want his name in the paper because he is not authorized to speak said “There party is yet to adopt a preside candidate, we are planning for national convention and the group is right to support the candidate of their choice”He said we all know Kalu as a result-oriented leader with a proven track record that can sustain and consolidate the gains recorded by the current administration, Kalu is one of the best bet for the APC in 2023. He is a presidential material with experience in the private sector; executive and legislative arms of government, We are totally convinced that what Nigeria needs right now is a courageous and vibrant leader who is capable of managing a complex nation like Nigeria. That resourceful manager Kalu us one of them”

Kalu, who is the Chief Whip of the Senate and former Governor of Abia State, has been called upon by several Northern and Southern leaders, Civil Society Groups and youth groups to run for office of the president, even though Kalu refused to heed their call, insisting that he is only interested in returning to the Senate,northern youths took him to Bauchi High court asked Court to compel him to contest.



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