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“Should Ihedioha Join APC, I Will Resign My Membership – Publicist, Nwaogwugwu Makes Revelations About Mother’s Death, Others



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From Joshua Chibuzo Andrew
Governor Hope Uzodimma’s APC publicist, Ambrose  N Nwaogwugwu has threatened to resign from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State, if Emeka Ihedioha decamp to APC.
The APC Chieftain revealed this while reacting to the news of Ihedioha’s resignation from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) after twenty six years in the party.
Ex- governor, Ihedioha resignation from the party which came on Tuesday, is said to have generated some Political tension in the State.
In a statement signed by him, which was titled “Ihedioha’s Vindictiveness, My Late Mother’s Murder And My Eternal Problem With Ihedioha” obtained by Impartial Observers on April 23, 2024.
Nwaogwugwu said, “I think this is the right time for me to tell my own side of the story as Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, the former Director General of Imo PDP New Media and whom some of you ignorantly refer to the boy whom Ihedioha made.”
He said; “For over three (3) years now, I deliberately refused to tell my own side of the stories as I left many of the commentators to keep guessing.
“Like I have always told close people around me that I will tell my own part of the story in my unpublished book which is yet to be published but I will I leave that to tell this stories in this piece while more elaborate details would be provided in the said unpublished book.
“I feel very emotional right now as I type down this piece because of today’s events where Ihedioha himself has abandoned the same PDP like I did and all the venons of this world was unleashed on me.
“Some time in February 2021, I dumped the PDP and joined the ruling party APC and that was the beginning of my problems.
“Before I did, my then honorable member representing my state Constituency of Aboh Mbaise at Imo State House of Assembly Hon. Eddy Edward Obinna  was the very first set of people who dumped the PDP in 2020 as the Peoples Governor Hope Uzodimma was sworn in on January 14, 2020.
“We dumped the PDP just like Ihedioha just did because the party could no longer protect our interests.
“I told people close to me that I was never going to attack the PDP or Ihedioha for anything but what did I get in return?
“Ihedioha thru his media hirelings unleashed a worst media campaigns never seen before against our reputation and persons.
“Ihedioha sowed hate against me and had a well funded malicious indoctrination of our people of Mbaise and sold a dummy to our people that our political decisions were made against the entire Mbaise nation.
“Few hours after I released my first post on Ihedioha today, the first person to call me was Hon. Eddy Obinna and as we dissected the recent political happenings regarding Ihedioha dumping of the PDP, we were both moved to tears as we recalled that this was exactly what we did that our brother sold a dummy to our people where they called for our heads.
“Since after that call was the determination to put up this article to at least tell my own part of the story.
“I had no personal problem with Ihedioha whatsoever but only because I dumped the PDP, he raised malicious campaigns against me rallying up the Mbaise sentiments that my personal political decision was against the Mbaise nation.
“Ihedioha and his people made it to look like we commited a sacrilege against our people.
“They made it look like we commited an unpardonable sin against the Mbaise nation just because we left the PDP to seek for better political opportunities elsewhere.
“The hate campaigns was roundly funded as the only thing remaining was for the entire Mbaise Nation to come out and banish us for life only because we dumped PDP.
“For many years, Ihedioha indoctrinated our people to see anything outside the PDP as a taboo.
“They made it look like any one who is not of the PDP persuasion is seen as an outcast thereby denying our people the privileges of dividends of the ruling party.
“For 8 uninterrupted years of Governor Rochas Okorocha, Ihedioha had Mbaise nation on locked down with the PDP against the ruling party as at then and for the whole 8 years, Mbaise nation suffered untold deprivation and that was why some of us said no, we have suffered for too long playing opposition with nothing to show for it, now is the time we must play politics of the centre and reunite with the ruling party but we were marked out by Ihedioha and his goons for hate and diabolic destruction.
“I have received uncountable tags and mentions from different people on the social media proposing that I deserve apologies from Ihedioha and his goons if at the end of the day, they could dump PDP this way.
“For over three years, I have been fighting a war of attrition against the lies sold to our people by Ihedioha.
“And I have become emotionally down because I can no longer hold back my tears reading all these letters of resignation flying everywhere.
“So if Ihedioha of all people could dump PDP like this, why were we persecuted by Ihedioha by sowing seeds of discords with our people?
“For more than three years, Ihedioha’s hate campaigns against me before my brothers and sisters in Mbaise have deprived me of so many things, including some marital relationships because I have been out casted by Ihedioha’s hate campaigns against me before our people.
“Those hate campaigns was spread consciously everywhere, among every facet of our Mbaise nationhood that pitched people who ordinarily I have done nothing against picking quarrells against me thus marking me out to be ostracised and done worst things against including the hate campaigns that extended to my family which caused the death of my mother. (I will provide full details of this in my book; and by then, the litigation would have been concluded by the court).
Ihedioha’s hate campaigns against me set me up for destruction and caused to be seen as public enemy of my own people only because I dumped the PDP.
“Then tell me why I should be happy with such a man?
“Some people are even insinuating that he may be coming to APC to join us and I have commented elsewhere that nothing will ever make me to be in the same political position with Ihedioha; should Ihedioha join APC today, I will promptly resign my membership of the party and go where I will oppose him.
“This is beyond politics for me.
“Ihedioha took the games of politics to a diabolical dimension and sort of occutism that those who were not of the same party with him were considered actual enemies, and not just that it would be his own personal enemies but he sold the hatred on a community scale and commercial level where he caused the entire community to hate you and see you as their enemy whilst it was only Ihedioha’s personal battles.
“Ihedioha’s political life wire deserves extinction, as we pray that may such a malady ever befall Mbaise again.”

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