Killings in Anambra: What does Gov. Obiano do with N1.5 billion monthly security vote, his wife, N250 million?


…He has finally given up on the state security

…Engages in needless buck passing

By Favour Goodness

After weeks of lethargy and inaction, Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra state, may have finally given up on his duties as chief security officer of the state.

A statement on Sunday in Awka signed by Hon. Victor Afam Ogene, Director, Media and Publicity of the Senator Andy Uba Governorship Campaign Organisation (SAUGCO) said, instead, the governor has directed residents of the state to only look up to the federal authorities for succour.

“President Buhari, not Governor Willie Obiano, is the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces and head of all security agencies in the country,” the Anambra State Government had said in a statement signed by its Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr. C. Don Adinuba; clearly absolving the governor of any responsibility.

Ogene while reacting to the statement on Sunday, October 3, 2021, said “we are then compelled to ask the following questions:

“When Mr. Adinuba proceeds to glow in the same statement that our dear state “for seven years enjoyed the richly deserved reputation of the most peaceful state in the whole country,” was President Buhari not the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces?

“Each time Gov. Obiano clownishly adorns himself in military camouflage, does he do so for mere comic display?

“When Governor Obiano collects the humongous sum of N1.5 Billion monthly as security vote, and his wife, N250 million, is it meant for carousing in the Governor’s Lodge, or to secure the state?

“From the Commissioner’s unsavoury submissions, we make bold to say that Governor Obiano appears to have thrown up his hands in heedless surrender.

“But we make haste to advise that it is too early so to do. In fact, until March 17, 2021, we insist that Gov. Obiano remains the chief security officer of Anambra state and must do his level best to secure the state, its people and properties.

“It is only after then, APC will take over the state because he will hand over power to Senator Andy Uba.

“But instead of seeking to finish strong in the area of security – for which he ceaselessly prides himself – the administration rather appears to revel in its inability to provide a secure environment for all, regardless of party affiliation. Otherwise, why would the government descend into a partisan arena to rejoice in the fact that the All Progressives Congress, APC had to put on hold its scheduled flag off, owing mainly to several killings brought about in the first place by its security incompetencies?

“Instead of seeking ways of making restitution to the people of Anambra who have been misgoverned over the last seven years and half, leading to key stalwarts and functionaries of both the party and government leaving in droves to join the APC, Governor Obiano, rather, refuses to act, lending credence to claims in several quarters that he does not want the November 6, 2021 governorship election to hold.

“Indeed, with Governor Obiano and his Administration openly admitting that the recent spate of killings in the state is “politically motivated,” it is now very clear that the orchestrated reign of violence, perhaps, has the imprimatur of government.

“Rather than insisting on foisting an inclement weather on the very people the administration ought to govern, we urge Governor Obiano to smell the coffee and not attempt to pull down the state with him,” he said



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