Karaye Emirate Council to republish 1963 Fulani history book – Official


The Karaye Emirate Council in Kano State is to sponsor the republication of the book “TARIHIN FULANI” (The History of Fulani), authored by the Late Dr Junaid Buhari, the former Waziri of Sokoto, an official of the council said.

In a statement issued on Monday, in Kano, the Information Officer of the Emirate, Haruna Gunduwawa. explained that the book was first published in 1963 by the old Northern Nigeria Regional Government, adding that now the Emirate Council had undertaken  to republish it.

“The decision to republish the book is in view of its significance to Northern Nigeria, especially the Sokoto Caliphate, students and the entire Muslims. The book analyses the history, origin, as well as the dialects of the Fulani.

“In the context of the book is the genesis of how the Jihad of Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio started, and the events during the reigns of different Sultans, from Shehu Fodio to Sultan Abubakar III,’’ Gundumawa said.

A letter signed by the Waziri of Sokoto, Prof. Sambo Wali-Junaid, lauded the Emir of Karaye, Dr Ibrahim Abubakar II, for his commitment to republish the book, describing the move as a giant stride, and reaffirming the appreciation of the Sokoto Caliphate to the Emir of Karaye for the effort. 



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