Kogi central: Everyday can not be for merriment – By Shaibu Stephen Ojate


God almighty while creating the world did not do everything within one day. God is his divine wisdom after creating all and sundry rested in the seventh day. We can therefore declare that the day seven is his merriment day.

The historical account clearly depicts to us that God was never a lazy being as he judiciously used all his time to do marvelous things.

His hardworking nature was the resultant effect of heaven, earth, animals, human being and all mighty things we see on earth today.

If this is the case, my experience on my recent home visit to my town in Ihima Kogi State is something to ponder on.

I came to realization that our idle youths have considered everyday as merriment day where all manner of masquerades come out without any reasons.

Virtually all corners of Ihima district are occupied by different type of masquerades. There number were so much such that a creative thinker will begin to ask on what warrant these masquerades. Aside the good number of masquerades we passed when we left Ikuehi to Obeiba, we equally had encounter with many on our way to my in-law’s house at Ege.

All the masquerades at every point will stop us to demand for money. The situation was so pathetic such that if you don’t offer something, they will beat you to a pop.

Going by the above, we had unpleasant experience with one of the masquerades. He stopped us and we gave him N1000 to return change of N900 to us so that we use the balance to settle other masquerades ahead. The said masquerade pocketed it without offering us any change.

After leaving the scene, a man who has been at home told us that this is what our lazy youths have been doing for months. They only preoccupied themselves on masquerade outing even in non-festive period.

I observed that the crowd with big masquerades has in procession, able young men and beautiful and elegant ladies too.

Recall that our forefathers who invented this have a designated period and date for traditional festivities when you see these types of masquerades.

Then, why have we not adhered to this only to make everyday a Merry making event with numerous masquerades.

Who will tell these youths that the indiscriminate masquerade outing is portraying us badly in the eye of external visitors to our area. Everyday masquerade outing has become a nuisance as it caused traffic jam hindering free vehicular movement.

Who will also tell our youths to get serious with their life as everyday merry making depicts laziness and seriousness and society can not grow with this kind of attitude.

Shaibu Stephen Ojate is a journalist and public affairs commentator writes from Ihima in Kogi State. He is on facebook and reachable on whatsapp platform via phone number 09075716236.



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