USA Embassy Denies Fayemi Entry Visa, Govs Forum Cancels Trip To USA


Information reaching obtained from an authoritative source indicates that the Governor of Ekiti State and the chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum,  Dr. Fayemi has been rejected entry into USA. He was denied visa.

According available information, the Chairman of Nigeria Governor Forum, was informed of the news on Wednesday. Dr. Fayemi in full blown anger dashed out to the Embassy. He demanded for the reason he was rejected. He was told to contact the appropriate offices to further details. Dr.. Fayemi was not please. Enraged, the Ekiti Governor tore the USA visa rejection documents and threw it at the Embassy officials.

With this development, the previously scheduled trip to the USA with the Governors Forum in the company of Alike Dangote to meet with Bill and Melinda Gates became nullified. It was cancelled.

The Governor Forum in affect issued a circular to all Governors indicating the cancellation of the trip.

Already,  an advance team comprising of aides, protocol officers and others had taken off to USA to prepare grounds for their respective principals. The advance was recalled back to Nigeria.

Interestingly, it was gathered that the reason for the USA rejection of Fayemi had to do with the gubernatorial elections of Ekiti State.  The USA government believes the election was conducted under shady circumstances. Our source indicates that the USA government believes the election was rigged.

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  1. I love this. If all advance countries can enforce this type of punitive action perp has there will be sanity in our elections.

  2. Why do some people think the story is fake or might be fake? Is Fayemi a US citizen? Does his gubernatorial constituency reaches to US? Anyone can be denied Visa, governors are not exceptions. If it’s TRUE or not, what’s the big deal?


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