BreakingNews: Military Takes Over Nasarawa State Assembly


Following the announcement by the Nasarawa State House of Assembly two days ago of the initiation of the impeachment process of the Nasarawa State Governor Al Makura, the tension inside Nasarawa State has heightened. Information reaching indicate that the soldiers from the Nigerian military has taken over the Nasarawa State house of assembly following an earlier protest by pro-Al Makura group in the early morning hours of July 16, 2014 – blocking the major thoroughfares into the state capital.

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The early morning protests by the group sympathetic to Gov Al Makura had brought panic to the governing circles in Nasarawa State who had believed the protests would grow into a riot.  But the Nigerian military were quick to quell the protests from growing into a riot. In the process, the Nigeian military proceeded to take over the major expressways and streets in and around the capital. The pro Makura group were reported to have taken over Shendam road, Super Cineme, Makurdi road, Jos-Akwanga road – prior to being displaced by the military.

The governor of Nasarawa State has since left Nasarawa State for Abuja immediately following the announcement of the start of his impeachment process. He is said to be on his way to seek audience with the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. The Nasawara State legislators are expected to serve the governor the impeachment notice through alternate service tomorrow.

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  1. I hope President Jonathan is not toying with the disintegration of Nigeria.He should remember that when the bubble bursts,the bucks would stop on his desk.
    People like Obanikoro,Adesiyan and the others advising him wrongly would not be held accountable.
    If Nigeria breaks in his time,his name would go down with it and not Obanikoro,Adesiyan and co.

  2. Why bring in Jonathan into the affairs of NSHA. The gov. is even lucky because with PDP in majority in the house,he should have been more careful with the way he runs the affairs of the state. The question here is has he committed impeachable offenses. Why is he running to the president for assists. He should go to the party chairman-Muazu to see if he could assist and appeal to the house.Just like Adamawa Nyako said it loud and clear that president had no hand in his ordeal.Yet some commentators were still calling the president. So my dear Akintola save yourself the breath,Nigeria will not disentigrate because Almakura’s impeachment saga. After all under baba some PDP govs.were illegally impeached yet Nigeria did not disentigrate.

  3. He should run to buhari or tinubu,since he knws his party is nt in majority,he should be careful on hw he plays politics,d president has no hands in d affairs of d house of assembly

  4. You guys dunno what this impeachment is, may be thats why. This is purely politics, 20 members from PDP voted n supported, while 4 from other parties didnt…protest every where now in nasarawa… The fact is that anybody you see in that PDP of a thing is purely feeding through it or He got tribalism in him, but a poor gentle man knows that PDP is not a party to vote for. We support you almakura…everybody in nasarawa today knows that non of our governors can be compared with almakura…they stoped him from employing workers we did not complain, they stoped him from promoting we did not complain, they brought ombatse we did not say a thing, thats why they are now out for physical kombat….oya now we dey.

  5. Akinola. I am supprise d way u express or view. Why mentioning names when u are merely assuming. And why do u feel is Jonathan DAT want d governor out. If he carry his people along no body can impeach him. Beside, even if its Jonathan, are we not the once DAT said he is a weakling. Now he is proving the contest, we shouting. This country can talk a goat into a lion.

  6. I find it disheartening and appalled that the military is being used for sport by politicians.Obasanjo has tried in earnest to professionalize the green boys,and now they’re being politicized.With the current rate of impunities being perpetrated by politicians I hope we’re not calling for a take over,or even worse civil disobedience,going by the public response of nasarawa indigene’s to the plot on their elected and performing Governor.

  7. The beauty of nasarawa state situation is simply an act of justification demand by the lawmaker from almakua. if l were in the governor shoe and sure of my performance as he always claim to be working, why not just in the first place accept the notice and appear b4 the house though he has call them hungry small boys sometime back and justify himself with relevant document of expenditure and prove with project embark upon. l am sure when he do so and come out clean even the souls of the death at eternity will seek for his re-election.

  8. @ Alli, if Nigeria breaks in Jonathan tenure, we will give him kudos! What others could not do he did. Are we happy the way things are going in this country? U will go to the south and get their oil wealth and use to develop the north and yet the northerners are still complaining. They are occupying virtually every sensitive position in this country. They want Jonathan not to recontest as if it where Atiku or Buhari, he will surrender power. They want presidency rotated (good though) but they have to wait for the tribes that haven’t tasted the seat to try! After Jonathan, people from the middle belt should try and after them the Igbos b4 it will go to the Hausa/ Fulanis! If they think is not a good option, they should start a civil war and maybe brake out of this country! They don’t talk of the people who have died and kept dying in the north and somebody is more interested in Northern presidency! Have they not ruled enough for others to try? Very annoying how people are crucifying Jonathan! But am happy the way he is handling them! Support him to perform well in his second term!

  9. He who trows a pebles to another ask for rocks in returns.If govnor Al-makura after criticising all his predecesors of looting & leaving the state under develop infrastructurally,& today he could not stand & prove the law makers wrong instead allowing his suporters protesting causing panic that can lead to another ethnic crisis in the state, then he lack the capacity to pilot the affairs of the state. Al-makura whom assumed office by alleging that his predecesor akwe Doma looted away 17billion naira was on his way to court too if not been impeach.


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