Nigeria Military Fueling Boko Haram Menace In Favor Of West – Chief Audu Ogbeh



Second Republic Minister and chieftain of the All Progressives

Congress (APC), Chief Audu Ogbeh, indicted the nation’s security

forces over the recent abduction of several secondary school girls at

the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State in favour

of the western countries.


According to him, the continued dastardly operation of the Boko Haram

sect in northern parts of the country was a shame to the nation’s


The former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

told newsmen in Abuja, that it was embarrassing for the nation, which

prides itself as the giant of Africa, to have its security forces

allow criminals go on killing spree unabated.


“It is embarrassing and shocking, very strange to me; where were our

security forces when these evil men were operating? They successfully

abducted the school girls without security forces challenging them.

What of the soldiers? What of the check points mounted on those roads?

Where were the security posted to the school when the abductors

operated for several hours?, he quipped.


“I begin to suspect foul play within our security system; the

authorities should begin to look inwards, the system should be

overhauled immediately to put a stop to the madness. It is only in

Nigeria that such a thing can happen. Even in a war situation, you

don’t touch women and children, but reverse is the case here, as our

children and women are always the target,” he stated.


Chief Ogbeh, a former Communications Minister, also tongue-lashed the

security forces for misleading the nation and the entire world that

the abducted school girls had been rescued while it was untrue and

they were actually still missing.


“Can you imagine that nonsense? They lied to the whole nation that the

abducted children had been found. I watched the school principal on

the television the other day saying that it was not true as claimed by

the military authorities and that the children were yet to be found.


“They watched the children being abducted unchallenged and later lied

that they had been found; who is fooling who?”


He commended the efforts being made by the troubled Borno State

governor, Kashim Shettima, in ensuring that the remaining missing

school girls were found.


Chief Audu Ogbe further charged Nigerians to pray for their quick

release and for God to put an end to the senseless killing of innocent

citizens by the Boko Haram sect sects.



  1. No one in their right senses should play politics with the current security situation in the country. Everyone must put their heads together to have the current situation resolved. Laying blames here and there will not resolve the matter, instead it will aggravate it.

  2. What the former minister said is true. A soldier is trained to die for the love of country. Those deployed within the school environs should be made to give account of their activities during the raid. The citizens who have any information on these our innocent kids should do the patriotic thing by giving such vital information to the law enforcement and/or security agents. Also, the garrison commander should do everything possible to locate and rescue these students. These murders need to be wiped out.

  3. It is a shame indeed. You know a weak security system when its leadership talks more than it acts. For our security bodies, it is all about defending their poor performances all the time while criminals their have field days. Imagine what happened the other day at Lagos where hoodlums operated and robbed citizens from house to house from 12 midnight on till 7 am undisturbed. We are talking about in a place like Lagos metroplex and somebody tells us that we have security personnel in the country. It is a big shame.
    The worst is the fact that in our country one doesn’t know who to trust because everyone is corrupt to the core. It’s all crazy to say the least.

  4. I thank you Sir for standing tall and bold to call a spade a spade on the laps in our security forces. It’s really a shame, indeed for these animals to have operated this long, and even becoming more and more stronger everyday than the military without adequate check. As you rightly stated, yes, there should be a through shakeup within the ranks and files of the Nigerian security agencies. Yes, you are also right that it smells like a fool play, and we are no kids. This is quite unbelievable and unacceptable. Thx. Ben


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