SSS Urges Kano Residents To Be Vigilante



Kano state Director State Security Services, Mr. Bassey Ettang has advised the people of Kano to be vigilante of their neighborhoods and not hesitate to alert the security agencies of any suspicious doings, as instances has it that the insurgents infiltrate into the state and hibernate in some areas so they can attack and kill innocent people.


In an interview with newsmen, Mr. Ettang has alerted that the state is facing a new form of threat which is not a threat that SSS alone can handle, it’s a threat that requires general public support.


Bassey said that because of what is happening in the north east of the country some people who are perpetrating such crimes are doing all what they could to make Kano very unpeaceful.


The Director SSS noted that the pattern of crimes been committed now in Kano that they believed people should be advised on some of the things they should observed.


He advised that people should be very suspicious of the things they see at their neighborhood such as polythene bag, wheelbarrow and certain objects that they are not aware of or something that somebody kept and hurriedly disappear.


Bassey also advised that people should report about any vehicle kept anywhere more than an hour without anybody doing anything that is clear to them about it.


Ettang advised people to take interest in people making inquiries and show off in flashy vehicles and what they are looking for and report to security agencies.


He advised people to take interest in people who appear in neighborhood or looking for accommodation and not much known about their background.


SSS discovered that people are keeping objects in public places and disappeared and suddenly explodes and kill people.


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