Homosexuality: Anglican Bishops In Africa, Others Threatens To Severe Relationship With Church Of England



Ifeanyi Ezugwu, Enugu.

The Anglican Bishops in Nigeria and the entire Bishops of Anglican communion in the entire Global South has threatened once again to pull out from the church of England, if the Bishop of Canterbury continues to recognize gay marriages, homosexuality, lesbianism and all other forms of social vices that permits same sex marriage.

The Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Church of Nigeria, Anglican communion, Rt. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Olisa Chukkwuma, disclosed this to newsmen over the weekend,at Akanu Ibiam international airport,Enugu on his arrival from Nairobi,Kenya,where he attended the meeting of Global conference of all Anglican Bishops,GAFCON.

Bishop Chukwuma, who returned from the conference abode an Ethiopian Airline with some other Anglican Bishops from the Eastern part of the country,said the entire Bishops of Anglican communion under GAFCON,which covers the nations of the ‘Global South’ spoke with one voice,stating that the sanctity of the Marriage institution as prescribed in the Holy Bible,which says it must be between a man and woman,must be maintained without compromise.

According to Bishop Chukwuma, the conference cautioned that if the church of England continues to recognize gay priests,marriage between two same sex,lesbianism or homosexuals, GAFCON will be left with no other option than to severe relationship with church of England. He stressed that enough of this caution has been transmitted to the Bishop of Canterbury,who is the global head of the Anglican churches, worldwide.

He stressed that Anglican Bishops also deliberated on other societal issues threatening the survival of humanity in the world and prayed seriously for them to be subdued. He mentioned issues as terrorism, increasing global unemployment and joblessness ravaging the world, the rapid poverty among African nations and also the threat which Islam poses to the survival of Christianity.

The Bishop of Enugu disclosed that the Anglican Bishops of the entire Global South,will still boycott the next lambent conference, which is a conference of all Anglican Bishops, held every ten years in England,if the Church of England do not repent from recognizing and tolerating gay marriages,homosexualism etc.


He revealed that over 450 Bishops from Nigeria attended the conference stating,’There is future for the Anglican Church.Right now, we have reaffirmed to uphold the sanctity of the Holy Bible,to defend out faith. We are not going to compromise.We have made this known to the Archbishop of Canterbury and even to the whole Europe and America that there is no compromise,as far as the scripture is concerned.So if they don’t repent, we are ready to go on our own in defense of our belief in the scripture and Anglicanism’.



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