Updated: Catholic Church Bombed in Bauchi, 4 dead, 2 police officers injured


Information reaching 247ureports.com indicate that a Church has been bombed in Bauchi State. St. John’s Catholic Church was reported bombed at 9:26am today, Sunday September 23, 2012 at Bayan Gari.

New information from the police in Bauchi State indicate two [2] police officers stationed at the Church were seriously injured by the blast. Also it was gathered that four [4] people in total has been confirm dead by the police and by informed witnessess in the area. The sucide bomber was reported to be among the four that lost their lives. The explosion was reported to have occurred at the parking area of the Church. This is according to a security operative.

A police officer who spoke to 247ureports.com revealed that most Churches in the area had already been taking precautious security measure prior to today’s bomb blast. He believes that the casualty number will eventually be lower than normal. The deputy police public relations officer, Hassan Mohammed Auyo stated that three people were killed including the sucide bomber and 46 people were injured. The seriousness of the injuries are not know.

According to the information gathered, the bomb was planted inside the Church. “It was not a sucide bomber“, said a government source in Bauchi State. But other sources indicate that it was a car sucide bomber who drove a ‘Destra’ vehicle into the church parking lot.

It is not certain the number of casualties sustained but a source indicates that there might be casualties.

The latest attack occurred in an area where four other attacks had occurred. The People’s Hotel located nearby was previously bombed.

Boko Haram is suspected.

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  1. Quite unfortunate, the idiots have continued with their inhuman acts in the name of religion. They are nothing but hopeless fools who have nothing to achieve, empty heads who have got tired of life and have nothing to offer to human race, and wild animals who are not supposed to be seen around humans. They shall all die by their own swords soon.

  2. Why! Why! This is dehumanizing and barbaric for them to have being attacking churches, and none of this attacks has being in the musque. It is very clear that christians are their major target, so christians should be very very careful in the north.

  3. It is horroful. I think, churches in this country should clear and keep the churches free from any other material apart from seats and the pulpits, especially the normal back of the church that is usually filled with tarkace kaya, like head pans, emty bags, iron rods, condemed chairs etc. Such things if something is planted in there you can’t see it.

  4. Imam Hansan was saying in sunday sunnews that God is angry with the north thats why river niger has over run so many northern state. But I want to say that its jst a natural disaster fore-told. When the sins and innocent blood wasted in the north will start to revolt, I dnt think a human being wil be there. Even if it is there, he/she wil be deformed. Mark my words.

  5. From today i don’t want to be muslem again. Why killing the christian people, do you know dat we have anything in the north? We are using their resources to kill them why? Les preaches like the way prophet mohammed do. I regret been a NIGERIA MUSLM. Why are you guy spoil our name. Fuck all this bokaharam.GOD WILL see all dis christain well.

  6. What are all this muslem thinking about, to captured NIGERIA to be islamic country? GOD 4bit. You guys are fuils already. REMEMBER DAT

  7. Hmm last week at zango in Bauchi 9 pple were playing game, suddenly gun men in “keke Napep” and motor cycle just open fire on them kiling 5 instantly 4 died later.They were all christians,their offence is that they are playing card and is sinful to their god.Yet d same killers are constant customers to prostitutes,stupid hypocrites,satanists playing god in a script they don’t know,now,it is in d church,lets wait nd hear their Imam’s excuse and sultan of sokoto who will always blame it on christians,poverty and bad government.When wil their god be tired of human blood,all over the world were Islam is dominant,it is just trouble, agony,destruction,need we any other clarifications on what Islam stands for? Take this from me,they av lost this battle.It’s Jehovah God Almighty,they are fighting and soon he will arise and his enemies will melt like wax,my consolation goes to d families so afected,and no matter how hard they try they cant stop Jesus,these “Jihadists” are from hell and are going there,and everlasting torture is their reward.

  8. Oh, how I Wish dat My felow Christains can see d Futur. We nid 2 Split dis Country, Nigeria is not Our Own. We nid Biafra, the Promised Land of d Christains. Pls can Any1 Feed Me wit d Info on how 2 Join d Ohaneze Ndigbo. This is My no: 08167053383.

  9. it will never be well with this hoodlums. but wait a minute, what is our so called mr president doing about all this or is this the Goodluck we are promised of? sure this is badluck at the highest peak. may God deliver us and Jesus arrest them exactly the way he arrested Saul on his way to Damascus, so that they can be called Paul through the intersession of our blessed mother. amen.

  10. If it is not a religious movement, why is over 85% of the attacks on christians? To think of islamizing nigeria by any group of moslems is the most intolerant, unpeaceful and unGodly way to practice or promote the virtues of a religion. God has handed religion to the world as means of getting people to worship Him, respect His creation and to live peacefully. The superiority of a religion if any, is measured by how far that religion promotes peaceful leaving and show respect for God’s creation. You cannot correct the failure of man by destroying God’s creation. That is tantamont to working against God and by extention, a destruction of the virtues of the religion you think you represent.


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