Bauchi State Governor Inspects Projects Valued N11.6billion


The controversy surrounding some of the recently awarded contracts in Bauchi State appears to finally be on the receding end – as the Governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yuguda has began a tour of assessment of the project sites. As learnt, the Governor will tour selected project sites in the State today [June 11, 2012].

Primarily on the list of project sites to tour include the Bauchi International Airport awarded for the contract sum of N7.98billion – and the Federal Teaching Hospital awarded for the contract sum of N2.6billion. The federal teaching hospital had caused some uproar due to the site selection. One of the campuses of the Abubakar Tatar Ali Polytechnic was selected at the site for the hospital. The campus was thus earmarked for demolition. Following mild protests by the staff and the students, the State administration managed to reach an understanding that enabled for the contract work to continue – while the staff and the students are placated.

Gov Isa Yuguda on Site Inspection - International Airport

As understood, both contracts which the state has embarked on will be reimbursed upon completion by the federal government. The contract award had raised eyebrows within the Bauchi State government and within informed spectators of the activities at the government over the price tag of the projects – summing nearly N11.6billion – occurring concurrently. Others raised concerns over the customary 70% mobilization fee disbursed to the contractors – before the start of the projects.

It is for this reason, as gathered that Governor Isa Yuguda took particular interest in assuring the aforementioned projects are carried to completion without hitches. The Governor had promise the people of Bauchi State the completion of the international airport within 18months – to be ready in time to serve the pilgrims of 2013 hajj.



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