ACN governors’ defense of Aregbesola’s Islamisation of Osun State irresponsible – PDP


The Southwest Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described as irresponsible and hypocritical, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) governors’ defense of Osun State Governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola’s alleged islamisation of the State; saying; “The best any lover of Aregbesola should do is to advise him to thread the path of honour by putting a stop to his illegalities and religious extremism in Osun State.”

The PDP said in a statement issued by its Zonal Publicity Secretary, Hon Kayode Babade that the ACN governors would have done the Osun State governor a lot of good if they had advised him to stop his flagrant afront on the Constitution and unity of Nigeria, instead of blabbing about an imaginary destablisation plot by the PDP.

The party said; “the ACN governors should rather tell Nigerians why it was only Aregbesola that is using Islamic Extremists as guards instead of men of the police and SSS? Why are other ACN governors like Abiola Ajimobi, Babatunde Fashola and Ibikunle Amosun that are Muslems like Aregbesola not islamising their States?

“Why are the ACN governors not introducing the use of hijab in public schools in their States as done by Aregbesola?

“Why didn’t the ACN governors change the name of their own States as done by Aregbesola?

“Again, why did they reject the idea of having a Sharia Court of Appeal in the Southwest when Aregbesola mooted it during one of their meetings late last year?”

On Aregbesola’s claim that States in the United States of America like Florida are addressed as State of Florida, the PDP said; “Nigeria is different from the United States of America and if Aregbesola wants Osun State to be addressed the way States in the USA are addressed, he should simply migrate to the USA with his illegal State of Osun.

“Alternatively, he should stop receiving allocation from Abuja and run his State of Osun like a semi-autonomous republic, and pay royalty to the federal government.

“Therefore, this matter goes beyond politics. Rather, it touches the basis for the existence of Nigeria as an indivisible entity and Nigerians must rise up now to stop the emerging Boko Haram in Osun State.

“Nigerians must realise that Boko Haram started like this, and prevail on Aregbesola to stop his islamic extrenism now before it becomes too late again.”



  1. I think it is high time Rauf Aragbesola is impeached as Governor of Osun,it is clear he’s a member of Boko Haram,cos,this is how it started in d North nd now they are paying 4 their extremism.Rauf who has a mental disorder shldn’t b watched plunge d state into a mess and a comatose,it is blived he’s bn used by Sultan of sokoto who hates christianity with passion,all nd sundry must do wit this stamp-boy of Tinubu,like an ostrich that hid his head in d sand nd said as long as he’s not seeing d hunter d hunter is not seeing him,no doubt when an accursed man rules a land d land wil b under a spell,I pity 4 Osun state.

    • Sammy you only talk as far as your knowledge can carry you. Your are just not objective in your comments. You only think like PDP vice chairman who have nothing to offer Nigerian except violence like he did in Ekiti State where several people lost their lives. It is now clear why Oni was chosen to come and distabilise south west. We south-west people are ready for him and his sponsors. We are assuring them that the will meet their wateloo. President Jonanthan should caution the alterances of his party members because when the problem comes it will be more than that of Boko Haram. Sammy watch your comments and be objective.


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