Security Agents Kill Six Moslems in Mubi, Adamawa State


Information available to through sources in Adamawa State indicate that the six [6] corpses were recently found at the town of Mubi in Adamawa State following a shooting reportedly credited to the men of Nigerian security forces.

According to available information, the security agents who were reportedly dressed in a uniform belonging to the Nigerian Police Force [NPF] or the Nigerian military began shooting sporadically inside the city of Mubi at minutes to 12noon. According to eyewitness sources, the shootings by the agents were not targeted at any group or and person. “They were just shooting at all directions”, stated the eyewitness who did not want her name mentioned.

The identities of the six persons murdered were yet to be ascertained but a police source revealed that the men were Moslems. Other security sources inform that the shooters were not Nigerian security agents. The agent points to the men of the Boko haram as the possible culprits.

It is recalled a few months ago, the men of Boko haram were responsible for the murder of over three dozens of Anambra indigenes in Mubi, Adamawa State.



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