Updated – Kaduna Shooting: Military Mistakes & Shoots Government Worker For Sucide Bomber


The chief press secretary to the Kaduna State government, Mr. Rueben Buhari has confirmed to 247ureport.com that the man that was shot by the military men post at the entrance to the government was indeed an employee of the State government. He was confirmed to be a director at the Ministry of Information. He was once an employee of the government house – as recent as last year, stated the press secretary. It was also confirmed that his name is Mr. Isuwa, a man aged about 45years.

It was gathered that Mr. Isuwa was shot as he tried to enter the government house gate. As 247ureports.com gathered, the entrance to government house has two gates – one for exiting the government house and the other for entering the government house. Over the months, the aides to the governor closed off one of the gates – and reserved it for the Governor alone to use for entering and exiting the government house.

Mr. Isuwa, this morning, tried to enter the government through the closed gate. He crashed the closed gate twice using his vehicle before the gate could open. He was shot after the vehicle crashed open the gate. He was shot several times. He sustained injuries below the waist area.

Information reaching 247ureports.com through sources within the government house in Kaduna indicate that the military force in Kaduna may have shot an innocent government worker as they mis-took him for a sucide bomber.

This incident occurred at 11:45am this morning [Monday] near the military checkpoint at the Kaduna government house when a Director at the State Ministry of Information, Isuwa Itoro left his office for the government house – and refused to stop at the military checkpoint – believing that the mlitary men attached to the checkpoint were familiar with his person. He drove in a Golf vehicle.

The military officers openned fire on the Director [Isuwa Itoro] an indigene of southern Kaduna and a Christain. Isuwa was shot several times – and was critically injured by the gun shots.

The military has taken Isuwa Itoro to a military medical center – the 44th Military medical center.

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  1. Why should people keep living in the past. I am weary of a situation where a govt official would act so defiant of simple rules especially in a time like this. Wha differentiate him from the Boko Haram suicide bombers who fearlessly use military uniforms to bomb our security offices and Churches? His not aware of the threat on our amiable governor’s life? Southern Kaduna people known for their humility and law abiding disposition, this one is strange. Pls help the security agent so as to avoid this ambiguity.


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